Your Mother!

Are you prepared for this Mother’s day? It’s tomorrow… and just FYI, no one is exempt from this, albeit, Hallmark holiday, as we were ALL born from a living womb. #StuffThatsTrue


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Confused about how to celebrate Mom, or just afraid to ask? Here are a few tips:

Don’t hand her the card in the plastic grocery bag from the store you just bought it from.
(On a related note, don’t just write “To Mom, From Me.” You’re not in kindergarten; If you can write in a tip on a receipt at the bar, you can write in a message on a card.) #TipsForLife

Don’t bring your laundry over.

Don’t ask her to make YOU something to eat.

Don’t take a dump in her clean downstairs bathroom.

Don’t roll your eyes when she asks you about your girlfriend/partner/lack thereof.

Don’t order a shot during brunch.

Don’t judge her if SHE does. #YouDriveHerToDrinkSometimes

Don’t let her pay…even if she insists! IT’S A TEST!!! #FailureIsNotAnOption

Don’t ‘Like’ or share anything sexist or defaming towards women ALL DAY.

Hug her.

Tell her you love her.

Tell her no woman or person will ever take her place. #StuffMomsLike

…This should get you to AT LEAST 2PM on Sunday… the rest is up to you. #MayTheMaternalForceBeWithYou


Here’s to all the Mother’s and the Dudes who love them- Cheers!



– Morgan Alexander Kosinski

Instagram: @PHCP