Your Kid Isn’t Special

Often times babies get attention when teenagers need it desperately more.


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Being single at 26 is the greatest thing in the world. It’s also the saddest.

People in their mid twenties constantly look for love instead of letting it find them. These people usually settle because they fear that they will be alone forever.

This leads to a bunch of bastard children because men suck. Women do too, but we already knew that. When you marry the wrong person the child suffers. When two people who aren’t married have children it also impacts them.

It’s a vicious cycle. Kids these days are so ass backward and it’s parents who dropped the ball. Yet kids these days get treated like royalty from day one.

The problem with people is that we pay attention to babies who all look the same. No baby is better than another one. In fact babies are all the same. I’ve never seen an attractive baby, I’ve never seen an ugly baby. They are gifts from god. But they aren’t special. They are blessings.

skeptical baby

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When those babies grow up we make them feel good up until about 12.

That 12 year old turns 13 and elders forget all about them because they are teenagers.

Teenagers need that constant reassurance at that stage of their lives, but nowadays parents ignore them and adults don’t go out of their way to socialize.

It leads to a backward society. I urge young parents to break the trend. Too often we are delusional.

Reach out to a teen today, chances are they are in need of a good friend.

Your kid isn’t special.


– Josh King

Twitter: @joshk65