World Cup Canada 2015 – The Countdown has begun!

So for those of you who do not follow us on social media, one of our favorite sports is SOCCER! We not only watch it but we play it, and can we just vent for a second? This Florida heat is BRUTAL! It is not cute for women to sweat this much and smell the way some of these ladies smell after a game. Although… we still don’t smell as bad as male football players and their pads after their games. That is some nasty stuff right there! Any who, now that the venting portion of this blog is over… As you can imagine now that you know we LOVE soccer… we are super excited for the World Cup this year.


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On June 6th at 4pm EST the kick off of the women’s World Cup will begin! The opening game will be Canada v China and then at 7pm Netherlands plays New Zealand! I know you males are probably going “who cares about women’s soccer” but let me tell you ‘dudes’ reading these blogs, these ladies aren’t just intense athletes; they are beautiful on and off the field. There is nothing hotter than seeing a beautiful woman put on her soccer gear, and then going out to kick some major tail while playing the sport she loves for her country.

Four years ago, USA came in second.The 2011 World Cup final on July 17. Japan fought hard and USA did as well but when the game was over both teams were happy to be in the final. We were sitting in a pub in St Augustine enjoying our Framboise off the tap and cheering both teams because either would have deserved it, but in the final moments… hearts were racing and everyone in the bar was up on their feet… there is nothing like seeing your country so close to bringing home something like this and watching the final minutes go by in the blink of an eye. Then… time ran out and it was a tie 2-2. Anyone who is a soccer fan knows that it is the worst feeling to play a full 90 minutes and then play with every last ounce of energy you have through extended time, just to go on to penalties to decide your teams final fate. Japan won 3-1 in the penalties and the heartbreaking end came.

Now, more than ever, the USWNT wants to come back and show the world they will take home the title this time. Youtube has all their stories posted under the “One Nation. One Team. 23 Stories.” Check it out here – Our USWNT has their first game of the World Cup on June 8th @6:30pm against Australia. Let’s be sure to cheer them on, even if you aren’t a soccer fan. Cheer them on for the sake of your country bringing home the Cup!

Here is the brackets/game schedule for those of you who are soccer fans and want to follow along and watch the games!


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