Wine, Whine, and Fence Posts




I spent most of Saturday morning researching fence posts. Right? My neighbor took down his fence to put up a new balcony, patio, and/or whatever. Now I have a romantic view of scaffolding and construction equipment. Remember, this is Brooklyn. These buildings are very close together and summer is here.

This was mind-numbing and involved math, logistics and the potential for actual physical labor. I needed a walk and…well…beer.

Just down the street, Mrs. Uncommon and I happened upon The Pines who just opened their patio for the summer. Venture down a narrow alley between two buildings and it opens up on a rustic garden with a somewhat beachy vibe. They made a smart choice to keep the ancient twisting vines that created some nice natural shade.

The lamb belly tacos were amazing (and an unexpected bargain). Tangy sauce, lamb belly, pickled onion, wrapped in an earthy corn tortilla. A good pairing with the Finback Double Sess(ion) Wit.


I met the Finback brewers last summer at a fest in Brooklyn. Nice guys.

Our server at The Pines was super nice. Nice is good.

We walked aimlessly for quite awhile and found ourselves in Cobble Hill. It was a pleasant cool day. Mrs. Uncommon remembered she still wanted to try the June Wine Bar, which was closed the last two times we passed by. They don’t open until 5pm. Even though we’d passed by it a couple of times we still couldn’t remember the cross street. Hey, Brooklyn is big. We consulted our brain (the Iphone) for the address.

The patio wasn’t open yet, so we opted for a window seat.
I stayed with beer and Mrs. Uncommon went with a nice red. I immediately felt guilty not having wine. I love a nice wine and I’m sad all my favorite wine bars are disappearing.

Now, I love beer. I’ve made beer. I’m glad the micro-brew movement has finally made it east.
But wine is miraculous. It’s in the bible. Jesus made wine.


It was a little warm inside and we both agreed that this was a more “wintry” place. We were still in a spring mood so we decided walk some more. The staff at June was really nice too.

Speaking of really nice people, we strolled down Court St. to Scotto’s Wine Cellar. They were having a tasting, they’re always having a tasting, of French Rosé. The problem with tastings is I almost always buy a bottle. I’m an easy mark. It’s that Catholic quilt thing. I opted for the Le Colombier Alicante. A refreshing red. Mrs. Uncommon went for her favorite Edna Valley. The store owner, I’ll call him Scotto because I don’t know his name, remembered she was looking for Edna Valley last time so he stocked up. “Despite what my wife says, sometimes I do listen”, he laughed. He’s a really nice guy.

We sauntered home. I made spicy wings. I’d procrastinated enough. Time to make fence choices.

I chose to wait another day before making any rash decisions.

Today it looks like my neighbor is putting up a brand new fence. I’m conflicted.



– Tom Romero from The Uncommon Man
TWITTER: @TomRomero2