What’s a pen?

Dudes, it has come to my attention that there is an item today that has quickly become a thing of the past. The pen! That’s right, the pen!


 Image Credit: wikipedia

They are becoming extinct very fast and will become antiques soon so hoard them if you’ve got them! Yes, I’m still talking about the pen!

From Ben Franklin and his feather quill signing the dotted line of the Declaration of Independence to the very first person to write a dirty joke. They all used pens! Hoard them while you can because soon they will be no more!


 Image Credit: wikipedia

Schoolkids of the 21st century look at a pen and say, “What is this thing and how do I use this on my Xbox?” The pen used to be our buddy. A loyal pal that has now been replaced by iPhones, tablets, computers and the like.


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I asked someone to borrow a pen the other day and the kid looked at me like I wanted to punch him in the kidneys and set him on fire! So dudes, hoard all the pens you got. By the way, you can just forget about the pencil because that’s yesterday’s news! Does anyone under 25 even know what a pencil is?

R.I.P. my old friend Mr. Pen. It was fun having you explode in my pocket on a hot school day and ruin my favorite shirt… on second thought screw you pen!


– Mike Bocchetti



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