What To Do Wednesday!

Since we are in the throws of wedding season, we thought we’d share a few cocktail ‘best practices’ for an optimal reception experience…and possibly avoid being ‘that guest’ (we’re looking at you Aunt Rhoda! Four amaretto sours and you’re found telling the new in-laws all about how Uncle Moe drank too much during after war and now has a weakness for penny slots and fast women…we die).


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Gin/Vodka tonics are always a great classic go-to. To easily monitor how many your thrown back, request to refill your same glass and ask for one new lime at a time. This way, once the fruit outnumbers the ice, you’ll know when to say ‘when.’ Typically bartenders won’t have a problem with this since most bars are post-ups and glassware goes fast and becomes hard to come by after a few hours. (We’ve all had that glass of White Zinfandel in the brandy glass because both were the only options remaining after 11pm.)

Wine? Start with white and move into red…why? Because after 2+ hours, drinking only red might start to stain your teeth…and don’t think your high school arch nemesis won’t tag you in THAT photo on Instagram.

Shots: Just don’t. PLEASE. JUST. DON’T. Save it for the after party.


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Bubbles: Not everyone participates in the champagne toast; But don’t be that guy that goes around poaching the leftover full glasses on the table…And for goodness sake, hold it by the stem, you look like Wreck It Ralph when the white-knuckle it across the flute.

Drink plenty of water! We recommend a glass per cocktail. You’ll thank us the next morning.

Tip the bartenders- because it’s the right thing to do.

And, as always, celebrate responsibly and never drink and drive!

Here’s to ever-lasting love, Cheers!

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– Morgan Alexander Kosinski

Instagram: @PHCP