Watering Holes

Since the Romans found out what would happen when they stomped on grapes like Joe Pesci did on people’s faces then let the juice ferment into alcoholic goodness, dudes have always had their favorite places to drink.


 Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Weather it be an old man’s dive bar complete with rusty dart board and cheap bottom shelf booze, an elks club where you just go to get shit faced and get in drunken head lock brawls with your buddies, the run down strip clubs where you get 20 dollar lap dances, hipster hookah bars that look like Moroccan opium dens or even loud gigantic dance halls.


 Image Credit: NBC.com

Even dudetts (the dude female counterparts) have places they love to drink it up with friends. Let’s face it, nobody wants to have a good time alone. Watering holes are a big part of the stuff dudes like culture!


– Mike Bocchetti



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