Wasted – Having Fun with the Zombie Apocalypse!

When you have no work, no responsibilities, and no rules, well, you get Wasted. That is what happens to a group of deadbeat friends who come alive when the one event they have been waiting for has happened, the Zombie Apocalypse. Now they must use their knowledge from the internet, comics, video games, films and life to survive in this “Wasted” new world.


Wasted is a Zombie Stoner Action Comedy from Retro Grave Productions based out of Toronto, CA.

Currently it has entered the Cine Coup 2015 challenge. An online competition where film makers put their projects up on the Cine Coup website for a 12 week period. During these weeks missions are handed out to the film makers to further expand & explain their project.

Voting periods happen to wind down the projects from the Top 60. Then the top 30, 15, 5 and 1 will be selected to make a feature length film.

Have a look at our project page which includes the trailer: http://www.cinecoup.com/wasted/trailer

To advance further in this competition people have to sign up to the Cine coup site to vote projects in. It is free and very much like signing up to Facebook/Twitter or a message board. Verify your profile through an email notification. Set up your profile and be active. Find our project, Wasted — it is not hard to find. Skull & Cross Blunts is our logo. Click on the Follow button to receive updates. With our missions Rate, Comment and Share them. The more participating and input you do it helps us in making a better product. Participaction as the 90s once gave us.

Why Wasted? What’s so special about this than other Zombie Comedies? Well, a couple things we have going for us.


1. In our film and world the characters acknowledge Zombie culture. Movies, stories, survival tips, You Tube videos, podcasts, TV shows. They know what to. Maybe they don’t do it well, but, once the greenery kicks in its all a blaze.

2. Our characters. We made a short film based on the concept and the main feedback we got is how easy it is to relate to our characters. I am sure you have all got together with your friends, have some beers, eat some deep dish pizzas, and talk about what would you do in a Zombie Apocalypse? That is how Wasted started with us, Retro Grave Productions, and in this story.
One night after watching a zombie film we started talking like always what we would do, but, this time we decided to write it on paper and smokes up we made a short film, feature film script and a TV show bible with multiple seasons planned out.

3. We want to make the most unique and fun zombie film. Everything that’s zombie most of the time it is depressing. The Walking Dead, even though its good at what it does, after each episode I feel like cutting myself. is it ever a chore to watch.

In our Wasted world we say why not have some fun with it? This is the best thing to happen, our characters want the Zombie Apocalypse to occur. I can do whatever I want! Remember, no rules, no responsibilities and sure as hell no work to go to.

It is Super Mario meets Mad Max filled with Zombies, Monsters, Gangs and Mutants.


In order to do all of this we need your support!
Go to http://www.cinecoup.com/wasted

Verify your account. FOLLOW our project, RATE our missions each week. Leave a COMMENT, SHARE with your friends & family. When the time comes — which you will be notified via email — VOTE!

Get us to the promised land where we can make stuff all dudes f’n like!

It’s all online and free to do! 
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Cheers to the Zombie Apocalypse!
Steve Kasan
Retro Grave Productions