Valentine’s Day (Dudely) Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the best time to reconcile your horrible Christmas gift. The stench of your Christmas gift is still stinking up the house. So here are some gift ideas for the normal dude.

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Anything! Just the presence of something not from the gas station or grocery store would get you major points. Now if you’re too busy, lazy or broke; there are these things you have at home that would score you the ultimate score. I’ve provided an image to help you if you are incapable reading longer than 2 minutes.

After the tremendous, strenuous and exhausting step of folding, get a pen, and write I Love You. Bam, you’re done!


Other great gift ideas could be knitting supplies so she could knit you a beanie or some socks for warmth. Or maybe a book. Books have this power of keeping women busy while not bothering you while the “game” is on or other dudely things going on in one’s life.

Whatever you do. Just tell her you love her, and make a card. Other foods and gifts are optional.


– Willie Cintron

Twitter: @williestufff