Tim Tebow’s Big Move

On Sunday April 19, 2015, Tim Tebow signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. Believe it or not, this is team number four in such a short career.

Regardless of what happens in Philly with Tim Tebow, the Tebow haters and lovers need to understand this: Tebow is the most under-rated player in the game. The idea he should be a running back comes from fans that obviously either haven’t watched Tim or have no understanding of talent. Tim has incredible skills at the quarterback position. His life is being a quarterback and he is one of the best that has played the game. Strong statement? Maybe. However, it is all in how a judgment is based. If to be a good player you have to have six Super Bowl rings then I doubt calling Tim a great player would be wrong. If talent alone is what is used to classify players then Tim is a shining star in football (college or professional). Really, that isn’t even the issue with Tim Tebow. Facts are this guy seems to bring up strong emotions for people one way or the other. I have seen few players that even before an NFL career starts good already despise or love like he has been around for years. I especially have trouble understanding the Tebow haters.

Maybe because people have reacted negatively to his faith or maybe people just don’t like to see a really nice guy succeed at something that they can’t and never will? Maybe Tim stands out too much in a sports world full of thugs, murderers, wife and girlfriend beaters, and drug addicts?


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I understand the criticism about Tebow. I, too, have watched him ramble around the pocket too long dancing even when there was a receiver open that he just didn’t see. I have also watched him throw a bunch of passes that seemed like a direct attack on the turf. He has had some poor performances.

Yet, somehow fans forgot that Tebow was a rookie in the NFL. Unfairly, it seemed like if everything he did was not a major success then he was a horrible miserable player. This is not true. If you have watched much NFL football you know that many teams have young players at any position that take a while before they become a household name. The trouble for Tim was he was a household name and had all that pressure long before he had a chance to learn and develop.

Tim had proven that he was not a running back but a quarterback in college.

Being a South Carolina Gamecock fan, during his college career Tim Tebow was a nightmare for me. I could replay in my mind “jump pass” after “jump pass.” I could also recall sitting at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia watching Florida score 60 some odd points. Let’s not even mention how many points the Gamecocks scored.

So while I hated to see the Gators on the schedule, there was something I liked about Tim. No, it wasn’t his faith. No, it wasn’t his decision not to be part of Playboy’s All-American Team because he didn’t like the magazine. There was something about the way he plays the game.

Whether you love or hate Tebow to deny he gives the game his all would be a distortion of reality. So when Tim went to Denver, I became a Broncos fan. Pro football is hard for me to follow and really pull for a team because the players just aren’t loyal and most of the time it is clear they play for the dough and not with the passion they once had.


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No one who judged Tim had actually fairly given him a chance to actually even actually make a passing grade solely on his ability. If “Johnny Football” had been judged like Tim was judged then he would not need to show his face in Cleveland again. Might I mention here (as a Gamecock fan) that when “Johnny Football” went down near the end of the season that the Browns turned to Connor Shaw. Yes, Connor lost the game he started, but it was clear that the Browns players would rather have Connor under center.

Amazingly, the guy everyone said couldn’t be a professional quarterback, Tim was a key factor that lead the Broncos to the playoffs and to a playoff victory in defeating a team that was a Super Bowl favorite. The ship seemed to be getting ready to hit calm seas and Tim get a real chance. Then Peyton. People forget that Tim had a starting job until Peyton. Now, I totally respect Peyton for most things he has done in his career. His picking Denver was a classless move on his part. You might want to argue that but trust me you won’t change my mind. Right beside his future Hall of Fame picture it should read: “The man who through greed potentially ended a good guys football career.”

Manning’s time with Indy was over but he wasn’t done yet. So in his great wisdom he liked Denver and Tim was odd man out. Just a few weeks before Peyton picked Denver (and make no mistake Denver was seduced by Peyton’s decision), the John Fox, former Carolina coach and now former Denver coach, said Tim would be the starter the next season. So much for that! Tim was gone.

There is no way I would have been as nice or complimentary of Manning and the Broncos as Tim was at the time and continues to be. I like Manning but I think had I been Tim he would have faced a serious problem off the field in a dark alley somewhere on the Denver streets.

The next step on his path was with the New York Jets. Now I loved the old sitcom King of Queens and for those of you who remember that show remember Kevin James (Doug) regularly wearing a Jets t-shirt. So, guess what I became a Jet’s fan. I got the hat and the t-shirt and the Directv package where I could watch the Jets play every Sunday.


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The Jets had a terrible quarterback. I just knew it wouldn’t be long before Tim was back on the field. Games came and went and the starter for the Jets just got worse and worse and so did the season. Jets fans that didn’t even like Tebow were calling for him to get a chance. Many have said that Tebow was just a publicity stunt for the Jets and that is possible. Regardless, it is clear that they were never going to let him play. No matter how hard he worked. No matter what he had proved he was capable of doing in the NFL. No matter that the Jets season was over and their quarterback a total disaster. Tim was abused in New York.

The Jets hat and t-shirt went out the door. Actually the hat and t-shirt went to a sweet young waitress at a local pizza house.

Tim’s next “chance” came with a team I would have rather not thought about, the New England Patriots. I knew from the announcement that Tim was going to the Patriots that Tim playing would not even be something to dream about. However, I choked up a bit but I got the Patriots hat and t-shirt. However, the cheating Patriots probably felt a great guilt complex with Tim around and he didn’t even make it through spring practice.

I wouldn’t even give the Patriot stuff away. It went straight to the trash which consequently is a very good place for New England Patriot gear of any kind. As a side note, it does football a disgrace that sport reporters even use Brady’s name in the same sentence with a quarterback like Joe Montana from the 1980’s San Francisco 49ers days. There is absolutely no comparison even if Brady wins 20 rings. Kind of like Mark McGuire’s homerun record comes with some explaining due to the use of banned performance enhancing drugs. The Patriots known and unknown cheating efforts has to place somewhat of a question mark on each of those championships under a coach that even Don Shula called a cheater.

Now for the adventure in the broadcast booth, Tim has been signed with the Eagles. As I have the reports there has been a wide range of response. The haters still saying he can’t play in the NFL (obviously they forget that many NFL qb’s never make it to the playoffs and fewer still win in the playoffs). Then others say that with the current Philly coach that Tim will get an fair shake and an opportunity. The truth is none of us have a clue which it will be. Denver gave him a chance and to a surprising degree he produced in a number of ways. The Jets were just playing with him. The Patriots were wasting everybody’s time (and my money).

Now, as fans ready for the coming NFL season, there is this new story line for us to follow: will he or won’t he? Will Tebow make it through camp this time? Will Tebow actually ever step onto the field during a game to take a snap as an Eagle quarterback (outside of preseason that is)?


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Whatever happens in Philly for Tim I want to make this clear from the start: the Tim Tebow problem is not a problem that tells us very much about Tim but tells us a lot about Pro Football and sports fans. It says that teams are about as credible as many of their criminal thug players they pay millions of dollars. It says that sports fans love it when people can’t live their dream. That’s probably because so many who bash Tim secretly want to be a guy who throws a TD pass like the one that knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs against Denver that year. The armchair quarterback who can’t and never will succeed seeks to see people with a name fail.

Ultimately, we can predict all we want and there are already a ton of predictions just in a few hours since Tim joined the Eagles, the Philly experiment with Tim Tebow will take time to understand. Yet this much is already clear: how we, as fans, respond to Tim Tebow likely says more about us than it does Tim. Whether you agree with his beliefs or not, Tim is a real man. Never has he complained or showed out because a game didn’t go his way or that he was treated like a puppet by three NFL teams. If he never does another thing that alone makes him a stronger man than 90% of the guys out there on and off a football field.

Hopes are that Tim Tebow soars to the starting position with the Eagles and goes onto to many victories in the NFL!



– Christian Chandler

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