As soon as she was born, people waited at the doorstep of the hospital just to catch a glimpse of the princess. She is the most talked about person right now, being watched by thousands and thousands of people – and she doesn’t even know it. People just want to know her name.

I find this bizarre. This child has been in the world five minutes and already I heard one woman on the news saying “She is the youngest fashion icon – people will want to know what she is wearing”… she’s an effing baby! Oh and Kate, how the hell do you do it? You look fantastic! Considering you’ve not long given birth.


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I am thrilled for Kate and Will and am so happy that they’ve had a healthy baby girl. It’s great news and I look forward to finding out her name. But all this hype got me thinking. She doesn’t know that she is a princess. She doesn’t know how much she will be tweeted and written about. Her clothes will be judged and even her name will be judged and betted on. I don’t know why but part of me feels protective. Leave the princess alone! (Don’t worry, I’m not turning into Chris Crocker). She’s a baby. Give the family some privacy. Just because they are royals doesn’t mean they’re not a normal family, or human. Yet everyone is fascinated, taking pictures and waiting for hours on end at the front of the hospital just for a glimpse.
I understand the hype. This day will go down in history. She’s the princess, the forth in line to the throne and of course this is news worthy – but it just all got me feeling a little sorry for the royals. I mean if I had given birth I wouldn’t want to be greeted by cameras and journalists, I’d be bloody exhausted. You won’t catch me in a pretty dress grinning at fans after I’ve been in labour. Is this life – of the princess and her family – to be desired or pitied?

I personally wouldn’t like so much attention. It would annoy me. I don’t care what you think of my outfit, or if I’ve worn it more than once, and I wouldn’t want you analysing and narrating to any Tom, Dick and Harry every single action my child does from a wave to smiling. Prince George has received over 65,000 likes and over 1,000,000 views in 3 hours just for arriving at the hospital.


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This is mad! I don’t have a problem with this – I love to see the royals too and I am genuinely happy for Will and Kate but I just can’t help but think what a life. The princess and George are both lucky: they have two loving parents, are wealthy, well protected and are adored by millions. However, they are constantly followed and watched by the public, written about in papers and social media and judged by people they don’t even know. So many people desire fame and fortune. What I’m asking is: is it really everything?

Despite all of this, the princess has already had an amazing start to life. She is adored by everyone. The new royal has bought joy to so many people before we even know her. She will always be adored and is lucky to have the life she has because even though there are cons to being famous, her life could be worse. All I want for this baby is for her to be kind and happy and have the confidence to be who she wants to be. God bless the princess.


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– Kathryn Morris

TWITTER: @katmorris20