The Pittsburgh Craft Beer Festival


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I love a good dark stout. Creamy, rich, smooth, and satisfying; complex, with a definite hoppy taste. That first room-temperature sip glides effortlessly down my throat and has a slight burnt quality with just a tantalizing hint of sweetness, one I can’t quite define. It has a warm but refreshing aftertaste.

Are you a beer snob? Do you judge your beers by appearance—it’s color, its clarity, its foamy head? Maybe it’s the smell that attracts you—sweet, spicy, floral, citrusy, piney, chocolaty, or roasted? Perhaps it’s how the beer feels in your mouth—thick or light, smooth and creamy, or snappy with carbonation? Whatever your preference, there is a beer out there for everyone.

Are you tired of drinking the same old commercially distributed beers? You are in luck. Craft beer brewers have been working to gain your finicky palate. And you can find a craft beer festival most places in the country.

It’s Craft Beer Week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 17-26. Brewers from around the region gather to highlight the region’s craft beer culture, through education, collaboration, cooperation, and responsible beverage consumption. Over 300 craft beer-focused events are taking place over the area during the ten day celebration, ranging from free tasting and samplings to full blown dinners and specialty events.

One of the highlights of beer week is collaboration beers. City brewers get together to collaborate on weird and wild beers that are only released during beer week, from simple and reserved to wild and crazy.

This is your chance to support the local breweries, sample the visiting breweries, and attend one of the largest Craft Beer Week events in the nation. Cheers to Pittsburgh Beer Lovers!


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Are you a Craft Beer Lover? If you are, you are a unique and different breed of beer drinker. You want to know the alcohol by volume (ABV) and/or international bitterness units (IBUs) in your beer. You question the kinds of hops used, and you care about the little things that make the beer come alive on your taste buds. ABV is a standard measure of how much alcohol (ethanol) is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage (expressed as a volume percent). IBU is a measure of the bitterness in beer. One IBU is equal to one milligram of isomerized alpha acid per liter of beer. Isomerized alpha acids are the main bittering acids derived from hops. All of this will be covered at the craft beer event.

Maybe you are a sampler, or a casual drinker. Maybe you like to watch the game while you partake of an iced cold frosted mug. You might be a muncher while you eat. Or perhaps you love to drink while you grill or have an iced cold one while you dine. This festival has it all, and it’s calling you.

Are you curious to know how your beer is made? Would you like to take a class on making your own craft beer? The Pittsburgh Craft Beer Festival (#PCBF) has got you covered!


– Michele Jones

TWITTER: @Chelepie