The Nudie Wins

Perusing past posts, I thought, hmmm what exactly can I voice as a gal contributing to a site that caters to men, and the perceived perception all guys imbibe beer daily, are sports crazy enthusiasts and boobie watchers? Which I believe is all fine, as the saying goes whatever floats your boat, …I’m not sailing it.


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So, who am I writing for a guy?

My name is Sunshine, I live in a very rural town in the good ol state of Indiana, though I’m a misplaced Floridian. I was born in my beloved Orlando to hippies, who probably came up my name while smoking something illegal.

I am the mother to ten children, five adopted from foster care; and was a foster kid myself…hence the desire to adopt lost abused kids like I was years prior.

Not to go into a book, because that’s already in the works, I married young, we dropped out of college, BSU, to follow Jerry, there’s that hippie blood for you, got pregnant on our venture from the east to west coast, and married me 20, he 19. We stayed a couple for almost 14 years, having four bio kids and adopting twice, both times sibling groups through foster care, making me mom to nine young children under 12 or so. We divorced, because of issues with us, and marrying at a young age, we grew up together but lost the connection somewhere along the way. I was briefly married a second time for two years, it was a long distance romance and very impractical, which is part of my dreamer personality. For a third time I was engaged, and realized being married anytime soon isn’t for me; That relationship brought my tenth a toddler whose name is Lincoln. Inspired by the 16th. (Just incase you did not know it the anniversary of his assassination is next week, 15th. History for the day )

So, this isn’t a relationship advice piece.

I am now reaching my 41st birthday, unwillingly, but amazed I’ve made it this far, especially living as a single mom with 8 children under my leaky roof; 7 teens and tod. I will say both dad’s are active in their kids lives, and I get breaks every other weekend. Without that, I would be in a straight jacket and not just joking about being insane. They are good dad’s, and I get along with both of my kids fathers.

The ages of my kids are my four oldest daughters…20,18,18,17…four sons 17,16,15,15, daughter 13, and the toddler whose almost 3. Whoo-weee. If you have kids and they are annoying you tonight, think of me.

My two older daughters are now out of the house, one a freshman at Marian University, and the other deciding she wanted to try the world on her own at 18. I don’t see them nearly as much as I’d like, but exactly why I follow all my kids social media accounts. Twitters the word.

So, since this isn’t a parenting board or mom group, what can I say to your predominately men readers?

I’m naked as I’m writing this. No, not unclothed; the kids would be mortified screaming out of the house and my neighbors calling the police thinking I did finally lose it.

I’m naked in the sense of I’m writing. These are my thoughts and they are going directly into your brain, as I’m actually in reality sitting here next to a baby monitor, with a very strong cup of Colombian coffee in a Christmas mug next to me, all while one of my five sons is sitting across from me watching the history channel, trying to talk to me about some new Star Wars thing.

Here’s the truth. Even though you reading this, from wherever you happen to be, the toilet maybe?…we all have one common connection, and that’s humanity.

I recently wrote a piece on my blog and being a quote junkie, found something surmounting to “WE are all flying this ship together.” Which makes me covet go-go disco boots for some reason, but still…

Like it or don’t. It’s the truth man.

While I think guys often get a bad rep, as not “seeing” women just ogling them, I believe looking or gawking at perceived beauty exists, but it’s a one dimensional characterism.

My belief is that we all, gender irrelevant, have an inherit desire to be loved-unconditionally. If we find that in our lifetime, we are amazingly in a luck club of the few. That does not seem to be the normality, if you turn on the TV and see there’s a dating site and app catered to just about everyone under the sun.

So we all desire love. There’s more…

There’s you. The great thing about being totally “naked” is being true to yourself. Loving yourself and who you are is fundamental, especially today. Women are bombarded by societal standards on what “real beauty” is, which is all usually fake and photoshopped. Men ALSO are given the message by society on what it is to be “manly”, usually defined by money equals success or a full head of hair and abs of steel like Superman, or just use AXE and you’re scent will send us into wild submission. On a side note, it does smell fantab.

It’s all bologna.

Define you. Don’t let someone else do it for you, or follow the herd.

In your relationships, job, career how you feel about yourself is the foundation of what will either be built or crumble.

There’s more to this life than paying a gas bill. Though we can not live without money, some of us are failing to really live life. You woke up today, you won the lotto…of life.

Another day of living, a start over, to add something to this world we share and your existence in it. Always remember at any moment this race can be canceled without your consent.

Take an inward naked glance at yourself and realize the greatness there in you. Not what society says you are or should be, but who YOU say you are. Dream, drink a beer and dare yourself to start going after what that dream or dreams are. That’s the only way to accomplish it. To start. Clothing is optional.

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– Sunshine Peterman

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