The Ego


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I opened the door to the bewilderment, in an attempt to recover the little faith left.

Going over my thoughts and trying to find the answer.

Traveling to every memory.

Wanting to see a sign show me the error.

Among debris, I spotted him in the distance.

Standing in front of me in an insolent attitude, “you have not learned anything,”  he said while smoking.

“You believe you are the God of this world, which is only ashes now.

For me it is a benefit that you’re blind.

Thinking you need the pain, however, I’m bored of seeing you fall again and again by the same stupid reason.

Ascending or descending once and for all, to the obscurantism that you’re going to for stubbornness” an ironic smile it drew it on my face.

Mercilessly I was telling him, a thousand times I’ve been back here but I never realized it was you.

I always thought you were part of who I am, nothing is further from the truth, because the ego that is just a disguise we use when we disconnect from the universal energy who created us to not feel alone, and believe we are someone important, when we forget our true value.


– Liseet Mata


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