The Boston Celtics Are Rolling

Who would’ve thought going into the year that with a little more than a month left the Celtics would be in a tight playoff race?

As of 3/8/15, the Celtics are just three games out of eighth place. Miami holds that coveted spot in the East. They’re fighting to get into the playoffs and are still somewhat rebuilding so it’s pretty much the best of both worlds.


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At the trade deadline, the Celtics brought in Isaiah Thomas – the stud point guard from Phoenix. That trade created a trio of wonderful guards – Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, and Thomas. While they all share minutes, it creates a wonderful revolving door for coach Brad Stevens when it comes to the starting rotation.

The Celtics traded away Tayshaun Prince back to the Pistons for two expiring contacts – one of which is Jonas Jerekbo, a forward that showed up for the Celtics at just the right time. He is coming off the bench averaging about 9 points and 17 minutes a game.  All of the trading activity has freed up minutes for the young rookie James Young to develop his skills at an elite NBA level.


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With a month or so left in the season, the Celtics have some key games ahead of them and it will be a tough road. Several of the games that remain put the Celtics up against teams just fighting for that final playoff spot as well. With two against Miami, two against Indiana, two against Toronto, and two against Lebron James’ Cavs, it will shape up to be one crazy ending of a season.

All I can I say is the tank is dead and the future is here to stay awhile.


– Ryan Bailey

Twitter: @R_Bailey11