The BBQ Chronicles- Beef Ribs

Let me start off by saying I’m nowhere near a pit master when it comes to the grill, but my friends, family and girlfriend tell me that I do a bang up job. One cut of meat I have always wanted to try was a short beef rib, the photographs posted on twitter and BBQ forums made the cut of meat look absolutely amazing when smoked properly. Even in the heart of beef country I had a hard time finding a rack to smoke. Well as you can see bellow, I eventually found beef ribs worth the long smoke.

After reading how it was done, I settled on a rub, salt, pepper and hot sauce; and a smoking temperature, around 255F. The internal temperature goal for a brisket is 195-205F and because that was the tenderness was going for, I loaded my grill with a mixture of coal and hard hickory wood and got to work. By work I mean drinking a few beers, adding some coal and wood while maintain an even temperature.



I was nearly complete, internal temperature last time I checked was 185F and climbing nicely. The next time I went to grab a reading, my thermometer had died and was only reading “high” so I left if for another thirty minutes or so and pulled it off to rest.

Man these ribs were huge. After 5+ hours in the smoker the meat had pulled back off the bone, smoke flavour embedded into the meat and they were ready to eat. They weren’t as tender as I wanted them to be, but due to me losing my thermometer to the fire gods I figured the turned out alright for my first time smoking what I now call dinosaur bones.


Things I would change for next time:

-Longer cook time

-Different rub to give the beef a little more flavor

-Dark beer baste for stronger bark




– Eric Peinhaupt

TWITTER: @ericpeinhaupt