The Basics 2: Things Every Dude Should Own

I’ve found that life tends to be leaps and bounds easier when you have the things you need – common sense, right? Some of these may seem like common sense, some may make you think “hmmm… never thought of that,” and some may seem stupid. None the less, here’s my list of things every dude should own and know how to use.

  • Tools – Now I don’t mean a full garage and car lift. However, you should have a good set of basic tools: a hammer, hack saw, ratchet & sockets, wrenches, screw drivers (varying in size), a floor jack, jumper cables and a good wire brush. With this small assortment you can do most minor home and auto repairs. Throw in some duct tape and WD-40 for good measure (Also, a personal opinion for anyone who’s a fan of WD-40- try out PB Blaster. It’s like WD-40 on steroids). And of course a proper way of storing said tools.
  • A good flashlight – I don’t mean a plastic one or a tiny 2 AAA battery light. I mean a heavy duty Maglite.
  • A travel bag – Whether you’re spending the night at your girl’s or going out of town for business, a decent travel bag is a must.
  • Two comfortable hats – Let’s face it, some days it’s just not worth the hassle of taking the time to comb your hair. Especially on days that you’re not working. This is where the two hats come into play. Just pull that bad boy down and head out the door. But why two? One for work and to get dirty, the other to wear to town or simply keep clean(er).hats
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  • A laundry basket – I know, sounds odd. But trust me, bringing a girl home to a mound of dirty clothes on your bathroom floor doesn’t usually end in you getting laid. “What if she doesn’t go to the bathroom?” Yeah… right.
  • Matching towels – going with the bathroom theme and getting laid, having matching towels is a definite plus.
  • Matching sheets – Yet another plus on the road to getting laid. An Ironman comforter doesn’t exactly perpetuate a “come ravish me” mood.
  • A grill – I call it the manliest way possible of cooking. Raw meat over a flame. It’s healthier and tastes divine.
  • A web domain – Whether it be your name or something catchy, domains are a great investment. You can keep one for under $20 a year and even put them to work for you by putting up a site and having advertising. Sounds much more complicated that it is. I have friends who have multiples and rarely touch them.
  • One fine tailored suit – As outlined in some of my past articles, few things can stack up to a custom tailored suit.Daniel Craig
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  • 4 pairs of shoes – These 4 particular pairs of shoes: A good pair of work boots; formal dress shoes, comfy tennis shoes/sneakers; and finally a pair of sandals/flip flops (yes, I advocate wearing flip flops).
  • A collection – Whether it be booze, books, vinyls, cigars or even coins; every dude should have a fine collection.
  • A retirement plan – Assuming we’re going to make it to a ripe, old age; we’ll need to have a way of meeting the cost of living once we get there. Now is the time to consider your future. Look into IRA’s, 401K’s, stocks, bonds, precious metals… Whatever your personal preference, start planning for your future.
  • A library card – Libraries are great. You can check out books and movies for FREE. It’s like Blockbuster in the 90’s minus the cost.
  • A decent vehicle – When I say decent, I’m mean both in mechanical operation and in appearance.



– Cameron Blevins

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