The Annoying Texts

It’s been a bit, so I thought I’d write up some new “haterism”.

You ever get a text message that just simply infuriated you to no end? It’s not so much the text as it is the thought process put into the text. Here is my list of some of the texts that drive me up the walls. And sadly, I get them more than you’d think. In no particular order:

            • K – This one annoys us all. It’s a simple and quick affirmation that has no other thought put into it than “yes.” It’s not elaborate and it doesn’t give anything other than what it is- “ok.” However, this isn’t all that high on my list. Annoying as it may be, K is at least an answer- an agreement. It’s not nearly as annoying as the next one.k
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          • Oh – This drive me bonkers. When I get a text simply stating “oh,” I want to scream at the person sending it. This tells me nothing. If I’m asking a question and you reply with this, what the hell am I supposed to derive from that?! Give me a yes or a no; if you don’t know, then just say so. “Oh” isn’t an answer, it’s a half-assed acknowledgment that gives nothing back.
          • How are you? – Sometimes abbreviated “Hru.” This is annoying because I’ll get this once a day from the same people. I don’t ever text someone to ask how they are unless I know something bad has happened to them recently. I understand the sentiment; being curious as to how that person is doing… But if you really care, shouldn’t you call and ask that? I mean that’s a somewhat formal question in my opinion and texting is very informal. If someone texts me with this, I don’t think that they’re concerned for me, my first thought is “you texted me just for that?”
          • What are you doing? – Abbreviated as “Wrud.” The only time I find this acceptable is if you’re wanting to hang out in the very near future. Otherwise, it’s none of your business and I’ll let you know if I’m too busy to text. I’ll admit that on its own, this one isn’t too bad. But when paired with the next one as a reply, I just about lose it.
          • Why? – Most commonly used as “y” these days. Let’s say someone asks what I’m doing. I’ll reply with “watching Tv.” Then I get “y.” Really?! You’re asking why I’m watching the damn Tv? I want to say: “Because someone has a gun to my head forcing me to do it.” Since when do I need a damn reason to watch tv? The point is that they’re keeping a conversation going that has no purpose. It’s an annoying waste of time and phone battery.
          • Can I call? – Do not text me asking this. Just call. If I can talk, I’ll answer it; if I can’t talk, I won’t. It’s as simple as that. Even if I’m in a huge meeting, I know enough to put my phone on silent and I won’t answer, hence you know I can’t talk. Texting to ask if you can call is an extra step that’s completely redundant.

Ultimately it all boils down to this: If you want to text me, have a damn reason to be texting me. Don’t just text for the sake of contact. With everything going on in my life, I don’t need to waste time and phone juice on a pointless conversation with you. I’ve literally had conversations that look like this:

Person: “hi”

Me: “Hey”

Person: “Wrud?”

Me: “Not much. Watching Tv.”

Person: “oh”

Person: “y?”

Me: “Because I can?”

Person: “oh”

That may have taken anywhere from 5-10 minutes, depending on each of our response times! That’s 5-10 minutes of my life that I can’t get back and it was given to a pointless conversation. I hate to say it, but it seems the more technology advances, the more we regress.text

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I have no problem with texting. Like most people nowadays, I text every day. But if you’re going to text me and hold a conversation, have a reason for it.


– Cameron Blevins

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