The 2015 #jkpizzachallenge

Who has the best pizza in the 412-724 area?

Pittsburgh is known for their sports teams. Nobody disputes that the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates dominate the national sports media. People from that area are hardcore about their love of the black and gold. Since thousands of people spend their time eating food and drinking beer watching these games, we at were curious as to who has the best pizza tin the Pittsburgh area.

#jkpizzachallenge winner in New York Best BBQ Pizza 2015


After living in the region for my first 20 years, I know of more spots regionally than most. However, as a food critic I often get pointed in different directions when I talk about some of my favorite pizza shops. So I have selected 31 pizza shops that I will allow to have me sample their best pizza. Each owner can present me with a pie of their choice and I will write an unbiased review.

I will accept 31 nominations from owners. The rules are clear. In order for me to consider coming to your establish on camera and trying your pie, you must follow “Stuff Dudes Like” on twitter @stuffdudeslike1. You also must send a tweet to both @stuffdudeslike1 and @joshk65 with a hashtag like this following #jkpizzachallenge. If you do not have a twitter or understand twitter you can email a nomination to

After the first 62 nominations we will select 2 more based on submissions from fans. The 64 pizza shops will be seeded by random interviews to give an NCAA tourney challenge feel to it. We will take the camera to all 64 pizza shops. There we will interview the owner and JK will sample the pizza. The rules are genius and they will be released the night of the brackets when the field is set.

This will be an annual challenge that will occur twice a year. All-time stats will be kept. If your a pizza shop in Pittsburgh area, lets just say you will want to be a part of it from day 1. Your pizza shop must have either a 412 or 724 phone number

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– Josh King

Twitter: @joshk65