There are two kinds of Superhero shows on TV. There are the serious, gritty real world(ish) shows like Arrow and Daredevil and then there are the more comic book(ish) shows the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Flash. The new Supergirl pilot from CBS falls firmly into the comic book(ish) world of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Flash and that is absolutely where it should be!

Be warned that this review DOES contain spoilers (and lots of them!) so read on at your own risk…

Supergirl’s TV adventure begins with both the origin of Supergirl and her cousin Superman. Thanks to a voice-over and an extremely cute baby with a curl in the front of his hair, we learn that Kara was sent to Earth from Krypton at the same time as her cousin Kal-El. As the older of the cousins (she was 13 and he was just a baby) she was given the task of watching over and protecting him. Unfortunately her ship veered off-course and landed in the Phantom Zone, where she remained for 12 years.


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When her ship dislodged, it pulled with it a giant Kryptonian prison that is full of “villain-of-the-week” bad guys for Kara to stop without the show having to live in the shadow of “him”, a term used in this pilot a little too often to refer to Superman. In this show he has been Superman for quite some time and everyone on Earth knows the name so why do they have to keep referring to him as “him”? It is really the only gripe I had after watching the episode.


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To be honest after seeing the trailer a few months ago I was little surprised that CBS would have a website called “Stuff Dudes Like” cover Supergirl. The original trailer made the show look like it was going to be very heavy on the romantic comedy and less abut the punching people in the face and explosions that we usually cover on this site. Happily that trailer was a bit misleading because Supergirl really packs a punch!

One of my favorite moments of the pilot happened near the beginning. As Superman takes Kara to her new adoptive home, we meet her adoptive parents. While they don’t have any speaking lines in this episode (I just really hope they will be making regular appearances) Dean Cain and Helen Slater play Kara’s adoptive parents the Danvers. Yes that’s right, her parents and Superman (from “Lois and Clark”) and Supergirl (from the 1980’s “Supergirl” movie)!!


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The first episode doesn’t take long for Supergirl to save a plane full of people (in a really cool special effect filled scene), find a smart sidekick (think Felicity Smoak or Cisco Ramon), put on the trademark outfit, learn to fly and start fighting her villain-of the-week prison escapees. The pilot’s prisoner is named Vartox and is played by a bald, bearded Owain Yeoman (who some of you may remember as Agent Rigsby on The Mentalist). This fight leads to the face punches and giant explosions that I worried wouldn’t be a part of the new Supergirl show. Luckily the fight scenes and special effects are very similar to the ones seen on The Flash and Arrow and they don’t disappoint.


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Overall Supergirl hits in all the right places and very rarely misses (stop calling Superman “him” or just stop mentioning him at all. This show doesn’t need to keep reminding us of Superman to be a success). If you like Arrow, The Flash or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. then you will probably also really like Supergirl. If those shows are not your thing then you may not…


– Keith White Jr.

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