Stuff Dudes Like sends reporter to cover Da Bears teams

The Scottdale Cardinals were a professional baseball team in one of the smallest towns in the country in the 1920’s.

Almost a full century later, one sports enthusiast hopes to make his “Da Bears” sports teams the most wealthy. Armed with a strong business plan this person who wished to remain anonymous believes he can change the future of recreational sports.


“People miss professional games to play for Da Bears. They would rather be apart of something than watch something. We have the human element. A reporter for has agreed to cover both the hockey clubs and softball clubs as they travel the country. Da Bears participate in sports leagues all over the country. Da Bears play in southwestern Pennsylvania. They have teams registered annually in South Hills, Mt. Pleasant, Scottdale, and have agreed to enter a team in New Port Richey, Florida.

In Florida they will participate in the International Shootout hosted by All Sports Arena. Matt Gary will be the tournament director as always. Da Bears are currently banned from Bill’s Dek Hockey and Murrysville’s rink. “We are sorry to Bill’s Dek Hockey for we were in the wrong said the owner. We are not sorry to Murrsyville. I don’t want to get sued, so lets just say we will never talk to those people again,” said the owner.

Also of note, Da Bears owner wishes to apologize to Mark Madden, the undisputed media champion of Pittsburgh for his actions in Madden’s last ball hockey tournament. “I didn’t take my medication that morning and I saw the wrong ref. I should have listened to Mark and let it be. I’m hoping Mark removes my ban from Street Hockey USA,” said the owner.


It has been reported that out of respect for Madden, Da Bears did not approach Mark about putting a team in nationals. Their rival at Hotshots Indoor Sports arena AIT Hockey Club ended up winning the tournament. Da Bears believe they can compete in Madden’s tournament with the help of these new sponsorships.

Paganos and Delaney’s Pub have both financially supported the team and plan on contributing their tournament entry fee if Da Bears are allowed to compete in Madden’s tourneys. Also Rocco’s Pizzeria confirmed a jersey deal with Da Bears Hockey club if they are allowed to compete in Mark’s tournaments.

We all are big fans of Mark Madden. Da Bears and AIT member Jeff Ianni has been on record in Trib Total Media’s newspapers giving Madden a public offering of support.


Da Bears love Madden. They officially never have entered their tournament team due to scheduling conflicts in the past. Last year they entered the tournament under the name Drusky Entertainment. They had a miserable run in the 1st tourney. This past tournament as Bloodbath, they would play one solid game but would get destroyed again.

“If Da Bears get an opportunity to play in Madden’s tournament, I guarantee we win the Rec division. Anything AIT can do, we can do too,” said the owner.

This article and all future was written by SDL MEDIA on the SDL radio network

– SDL Staff