The State of The Celtics

The Boston Celtics’ 2014-2015 Season is a season for new beginnings and refreshing changes. It is essentially the start of a massive but hopefully quick rebuild of what is considered by many to be a legendary franchise.


Now that we are at the midpoint of the NBA regular season, let’s glance back at the Celtics’ season thus far. The team currently stands at 20-31 but that is not the story of the season.

The first part of their story this season is all of their prospects that are flourishing in the development of their skills. Their two young forwards, Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger, are proving themselves to be the future big men of the Celtics. Sullinger leads the team in points per game with 14.4 while Olynyk is in third with 11.1. The veteran point guard Avery Bradley comes in second with 13.5. Sullinger also leads the team in rebounds per game with 8 while Olynyk is third with 5.4. Third year center Tyler Zeller is second with 5.5 rebounds a game. While the Team’s forwards are developing, the Celtics’ guards are young and hungry as well.


Boston’s first round pick of the draft last year, the guard from Oklahoma State Marcus Smart, had a great start for the Celtics. He forced himself into Rookie of the Year talks but that campaign was cut short when he was injured. His role has depleted since coming back from that injury as he is only averaging about 7 points per game. Luckily for Smart he has a 5 year defensive stud at point guard that he can look up to – Avery Bradley. Bradley averages 13.5 points per game but that’s nothing compared to his unsung defensive efforts.


Now onto the big storylines of the first half of the season for the Celtics. Trades. Trades. And More Trades. The Celtics traded their two stars of the franchise – Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green. The Rondo trade was a trade just waiting to happen and was a huge relief off the shoulders of general manager Danny Ainge. Ainge had been trying to deal Rondo away for the last year and a half. The Celtics gave Rondo to the Mavs in exchange for Jameer Nelson (no longer with Celtics), Brandon Wright (no longer with Celtics), and Jae Crowder (surprisingly still with Celtics). The Celtics also received a future first round pick and a future second round pick.

A few days later they traded away Brandon Wright to the Suns for a future first round pick. A few weeks after that they sent Green to Memphis in exchange for Tayshaun Prince who has been wonderful since coming on board. He has been a consistent scorer and veteran leader coming off the bench. The Celtics also received a future first round pick in that trade.

Their record of 20-31 is much better than many expected going into the season. However, the team is still in a rebuilding phase and future drafts will continue to be very important.

Brian Robb from summarized how the Celtics’ future drafts will look.

2015: 2 first-round picks; 3 second-round picks

2016: 4 first-round picks; 4 second-round picks

2017: 1 first-round pick; 2 second-round picks

2018: 2 first-round picks; 1 second-round pick

2019: 2 first-round picks; 1 second-round pick

If in your opinion that’s not called true rebuilding, then feel free to email me so I can talk some sense into you!

– Ryan Bailey

Twitter: @R_Bailey11