Spring Break For The Modern Man

This blog is a guest post from our friends at Stealthformen.com


For most people, spring break ignites images of young co-eds downing massive amounts of cheap liquor in skimpy outfits. While that is awesome, there becomes a time in every man’s life when showing up to a college spring break locale becomes…well creepy.


Image Credit: blurrent.com

However, just because you are officially a man now, doesn’t mean you can’t take an awesome spring break trip to a tropical destination, or drink booze with beautiful women. It just means you should try doing it with a little panache.

Think of it as spring break for the modern man, where a little bit of class goes a long way. If you are looking for ideas to class up your spring break, try these four steps.

  1. Go Somewhere That Has Some Actual Culture-

Sure you have been to Mexico, and while it is an awesome country with beautiful beaches and plenty of culture. However, there is a good chance that you spent most of your time eating Jell-o shots at Senior Frogs, rather than embracing local customs. Instead of heading back to Cancun for the fifth time, try going to a location that isn’t just filled with Americanized tourist traps. Take that trip to Europe and drink wine with beautiful women in France, or go to Italy and eat until your heart’s content.

  1. Drink Like a Man-

Your college buddies may have found your ability to drink 30 watered down beers every night really impressive, but if you still drink like this post 25, it’s more depressing than admirable. Step up your game and start drinking like a man. Instead of ordering a cheap watery beer, try ordering a top shelf whiskey. Do you think John Wayne or Steve McQueen went to Daytona Beach to drink Bud Light? No, they drank whiskey and rode motorcycles, like badasses.

  1. Stay Somewhere Nice-

Traveling on a budget isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, if you want to bring an adult woman back to your room it’s not going to play well if it’s packed full of your boys. Spend a little extra money and get your own room at a decent hotel. Most upscale hotels in metropolitan areas are equipped with upscale bars and pool areas that attract other attractive people. Perfect for making new friends.

  1. Bring Some Decent Clothes-

If you are traveling somewhere warm, it can be hard to resist the urge to pack your suitcase full of board shorts and flip-flops. Make sure to pack at least one or two nice outfits for when you hit dinner or the bar in the evening. Decent clothing doesn’t mean a pair of cargo shorts and your lucky Cubs shirt. You’re an adult; bring a shirt with buttons and some nice denim. Not only will dressing well boost your confidence, but it will also act as a target for beautiful women who appreciate a man who can dress himself like a big boy. This is also applicable when pool side or at the beach, as you should own a grown mans bathing suit and not the same board shorts you have been wearing since you were 15. For extra confidence and to fight off shrinkage you can even sport some male bulging underwear, so the ladies always think you’re packing heat.

Follow these steps and enjoy spring break like a modern man, and also enjoy no longer being the creepy old dude at the club.


– Anamika Gioia