Social Imbalances – Yesterday’s solutions today’s Problems


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I am the voice of reasoning they say. The Voice of good and bad decisions. The voice to lead you to the path that is right and of righteousness. No I am not talking about God, I am talking about Our elders.

It is said that the youths of today should learn from the people who were before us. The people that have been through it, made their mistakes and yes we should learn from them. Heed their teachings, listen to their wise words and follow their advice. Yes! I strongly agree but I also equally disagree.

The world today is far different from that of the world then (well at least that’s what we are lead to believe). And if this is so the ways of the past, the beliefs of the past and the way situations were dealt with in the past, some of which will certainly not be of my opinion today.

Gender Equality

It still quite fascinating when women are still being told to remain silent, submissive to their “man”, accept the abuse, basically never excel. Sigh!!…..This is a whole new era and dear grandma and grandpa, mom and dad. Women run the world!!! Around the world most of the largest and most profitable including small business have at least one woman at the head table and she is truly a boss. Not to mention, women are becoming more and more independent owning their own and relying on no one.

Sexual Orientation

This is a taboo topic for me as a Jamaican but I am going to write on it anyway. The world has seen so many family members disown their own. All in the name of Religious belief and social acceptance. “Post pregnancy abortion” or “blood disownment” as I would term it due to ones lifestyle. I am not here to preach or tell you to accept someone, what I am saying though is why would throw your own flesh and blood out in the “cold”, In a world and time so unforgiving. Why must we stand by the opinions of the people around us and not for our own views. Why should be live our life for the status quo or the massive? This is not the past, this is the 21 century.

In the bible the lord may have punished Sadom and Gomaro (in the old testament), but he also said “Come just as you are..” If being gay is a sin then let it be tried and sentence by the almighty himself. Not by you, me or any other. Their Is no greater sin. Sin is Sin. be it gay, robbery, murder…etc. no sin is greater than the other. So when you cast judgment on another that also my friend is another sin. So be careful if your reason for hatred against people based on sexual orientation then you may just be standing inline right behind them on the very same express train to hell.

Racial Discrimination

You would think after hundreds of years and so many people laying their life on the line to fight for equality of races be it: Asians, blacks, whites and latinos, that this decade, this century, this era…right now in time we would be all holding hands and singing Kumbaya. I guess not. The ways of injustice and discrimination from the ugly past is still on life support thanks to those narrow minded, self declared superior races and persons. I mean seriously, why would you even attempt to keep such ugly disease alive. Incubating it in your homes, your hearts and infected your kids, your relatives, neighbours who have absolutely no opinions of their own. And then allowing these people to go out start a global epidemic.

You see I am Jamaican, and one thing a Jamaican will tell you we are black(even if our skin complexion is brown or white, yellow and in-between) but we are also every race. Most Jamaicans are mixed [well that’s what they will say]. The country is overrun by many different races, many different cultures and beliefs. Just check out the country’s motto; “Out of Many one people”. United through many different cultures and races Jamaica was born. Not to say that discrimination is not found somewhere in ‘Jamdung’ [Jamaica], but for the most part we have realized that their isn’t any one superior race. We all need each other.

When you take a step back and look out on the world via your TVs’ newspaper, the internet…you would realize that this world is oh so messed up. A Jamaican proverb says: “donkey seh di worl No level” – Meaning “Life is filled with ups and downs” and sometimes you just have to decide that you are going to have to get yourself a Heavy duty, four wheel drive, Off road vehicle and drive on through.

What else are you going to do. Until the world balances out. We all just have to learn to deal.


– Romaine Ayoki Burrell

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