SNORKELING – Point of Rocks off South Siesta Beach – Sarasota, FL

The weather was beautiful and we knew the water would be perfect. We packed up our snorkel masks, fins, GoPro, and dive flag. All of our snorkeling gear we purchased from the local Scuba Quest (they have rental equipment if you are vacationing and don’t want to buy equipment for this one adventure). After making sure everything we needed was ready to go we headed to the site. FYI: We researched places in Sarasota to snorkel, prior to this little adventure, and Point of Rocks is listed as one of the best places to snorkel and also one of the best for beginning snorkelers. There are youtube videos you can watch showing what types of things you will see out there, and how beautiful the reefs are. We researched the spot well before heading over.

First off, if you plan to partake on this adventure, a helpful tip, you will need to park at the public/beach access spot and walk a little ways down the beach. There are no closer places to park (trust us we drove around a couple laps just to be sure). For the closest parking it is best to take a compact car because it is tiny and the wall is ridiculously close to the cars so there is hardly any room to back out. You have to go down to the end and turn around as cars aren’t aloud to back out onto the road from their spots. All in all the parking situation can be a little frustrating but its worth it once you get parked and get snorkeling. Once you do get parked, you can enjoy the walk down the beach. It is entirely covered in pearly white, cool sand. You will need to head to your left and around to the other side of the wall; you can step down into the water via the steps at the walls corner, and off you go.



On the day that we went, visibility was not horrible, but it also wasn’t the best. We still got some nice shots though, and we got to see some beautiful reefs, and sea life that we weren’t able to catch on camera. The water was the perfect temperature and we snorkeled out a ways. This is definitely a nice snorkeling spot for people who are not able to hold their breath for long periods of time, because there are shallow parts you can see from the surface of the water. There are, of course, deeper spots as well; where you can go down a little ways and see under the coral as fish swim in and out of their hiding spots. We had a great time and would definitely go again and try to see what else we can see if there is better visibility. We recommend this for anyone visiting the Sarasota area looking for a nice calm and beautiful snorkeling adventure!



– Storm & Lasuzaca

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