Sex, Love, Lust and… Rodeo Burgers?

I had my first sexual experience when I was pretty young. I won’t say exactly how old I was, but let’s just say I was young enough where I was completely overwhelmed by what I experienced. I simply wasn’t ready.

I had heard from friends what I could expect. I knew that your first time was supposed to be awkward. I knew that it was normal to be so overcome with excitement that it was hard to focus. I had a million thoughts racing through my head as I slowly undressed her. I kissed her over and over as I said to myself, “I can’t believe this is finally happening.” After a few kisses I finally got my first taste, and I couldn’t wait to take it farther. I made my move and took it to the next level, and before I knew it, I finished. All I could think about was doing it again.

Sadly, I’m not talking about the time I lost my virginity. I’m talking about an experience that was much more transcendental. This experience didn’t involve any sighs or looks of disappointment from a female either.


 Image Credit: Burger King

I’m talking about the time I had my first Rodeo Burger at Burger King.

Okay, so I was kidding around up above. But have you ever had food so fucking good that it hooks you like a drug? Some people get hooked on filet mignon or foie gras, but not me, rodeo burgers are my crack and BK is the dealer that happens to be on almost every F’n corner in the town where I live. I feel sorry for the “foodies” that like to eat Surf and Turf twice a week. That has to get expensive; they’re like the business executive that does an eight ball of pure cocaine everyday and I’m the crackhead buying the stuff cut with a shitload of baking soda. At the end of the day we’re both happy, but for me it’s a lot cheaper!

So are you wondering what the point is here? I have two of them.


 Image Credit: Burger King

The first point is that I have a serious problem; I’m getting turned on by food and that’s fucking weird. Are any of you specialists in that field that can help? For free of course, we don’t have a massive budget here at SDL.

My second point is that the Rodeo Burger at BK is F’N awesome and you should go out and buy hundreds of them. Feel free to send some our way. Remember what I said about our budget here at SDL?



Final Verdict on Rodeo Burgers:                             




Final Verdict on My Sex Life:



– Mike O’Brien