SDL Review: Man Crates

About a month ago my wife’s Uncle/Godfather had surgery on his foot. She was looking online for a gift to get him to help him feel a bit better and found Man Crates ( She showed me the site and I immediately thought two things:

1. This is awesome

2. The readers of Stuff Dudes Like need to know about these!

I visited the site myself and was blown away. A few nice things about the site:

1. Sports, gaming, drinking, gambling, meat! There’s a Man Crate for every man in your life. The crate I got and will be reviewing is the Personalized Oktoberfest Stein crate.

2. While there is an earliest delivery date, you can set the delivery date to be a date in the future! Handy for holidays, birthdays, etc. I bought my dad one for Father’s day this year, but in case he reads this, I want him to be surprised about which one.

3. The site gives a detailed list of everything in the crate. Very helpful, especially for the food items if people have allergies or other dietary restrictions. I did also find out via Twitter that Man Crates is happy to substitute items for other items to satisfy their customers.

4. You can send a personalized note with the crate to give it a bit of a personal touch.
I got home a few days after the crate was ordered and had it waiting for me on my front step. Inside of the box it was shipped in, here’s what I saw:




No instructions, nothing. Just a crate and a crowbar, because as you know, real men don’t need or want instructions. Also note that there is an option when you buy to have the crate wrapped completely in duct tape to really make a hilarious gift for someone. After prying the crate open, I found the following:



Everything was neatly packaged and the stein was in its own little box to keep it safe. Here’s everything all laid out:



-One personalized 24 oz. beer stein

-Two coasters with built-in bottle openers in the bottom

-One bag of dipping pretzels – delicious!

-One jar of sauerkraut cooked in craft beer – haven’t had yet, but I’ll be making hot dogs in the next couple of days and this will be right on top

-One jar of stone ground mustard – great taste with a nice kick to it

-One Bavarian Beef Summer Sausage – amazing taste, right up there with any other summer sausage I’ve ever had

-One Bavarian Beef Salami – so good, especially with the mustard!

Finally, Man Crates is currently running a sweepstakes where you can win an all-expense paid trip for two to the real Oktoberfest celebration in Germany! The prize includes airfare and hotel for two, VIP tours at multiple German breweries and other landmarks, VIP access to beer tents and beer gardens in Stuttgart and Munich. It’s a truly once in a lifetime trip that pretty much any father would love to go on! You can enter every day from now until June 17th and read all of the details about the trip by visiting the site here:

So give Man Crates a try, you won’t be disappointed. I know I’m not!



– Erik Steckis

TWITTER: @ESteckis