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Are Last Week’s Trades Good Enough for the Sabres to Land Connor McDavid?

tankWatch out NHL teams the Buffalo tank is rolling through your town next!

The tank wasn’t happening fast enough for the upper management of the Buffalo Sabres this past week. The Sabres GM Tim Murray sent defenseman Tyler Myers, forwards Drew Stafford and Joel Armia, and the rights to Brendan Lemieux and the latest of the three first-round picks in 2015 that Buffalo processes. Coming back Buffalo’s way is the much maligned and arrogant forward Evander Kane, defenseman Zach Bogosian, and college goaltender Jason Kasdorf. Who the bigger victor will be in this trade won’t be determined for at least a couple seasons, especially since Kane will not play for Buffalo after having season-ending surgery on his left shoulder.

Many experts believe the preeminent player in this deal will be Evander Kane but I believe it will be Tyler Myers. Myers reminds me of my days watching a young Chara skate around the coliseum ice on Long Island. Like Chara, Myers would have never developed into his full potential with the Sabres. Many of the Buffalo fans ran him out of town and for good reasons. Myers was lax in front of the net and never seemed to have a physical edge to his game. In his first couple of seasons with the Islanders, Chara was also soft in front of the net and didn’t seem to be comfortable in his own body. Many Islanders fans thought he was just too damn tall to play the game. The Big Z also lunged at pucks with his stick instead of using his enormous body. Myer’s young career has definitely modeled Chara’s first few seasons in the league. A new change of address for Myers in Winnipeg will be just what the doctor ordered. With a better team that has had some success and a mentor in Dustin Byfuglien, Myers should develop into a defenseman the likes of Chara.

charaIt took years and a new address for Zdeno Chara to become a Hall of Famer Defenseman

What Buffalo gets back in the trade is a talented left wing in Evander Kane. Sabres fans will have to wait till next season to see Kane lace up the skates for his new team. Evander is a gifted young player but his off-ice exploits have been well documented such as doing pushups on stacks of money. In the age of social media, there is no place to hide from the bad choices we make. I know I wouldn’t want everybody seeing the exploits I got into as a young twenty-something. But this is the age we live in now and people, particularly young adults, need to watch what they post online. Hockey experts alike seem to harp on the personality or the character of a player instead of the raw talent the player brings to the game. Character is built through experience particularly by playing alongside veteran players. Buffalo does have some of those experienced players in Gionta, Moulson, and Stewart who could provide leadership to Kane if these players stick around long enough and into next season.

dumbassJust one of a few dumb pictures Kane has posted on social media

This huge blockbuster trade could help either team down the road in the future, and I agree with GM Tim Murray pulling the trigger, however the trade that leaves me scratching my head is the Enroth deal. I was at the game on Tuesday and saw Enroth almost steal two points against Ottawa. Enroth, albeit small, was a solid goaltender for a struggling Sabres team. If the Sabres were going to trade him I thought they would get more than Anders Lindback in return. Lindback and current Buffalo goaltender Neuvirth are now left to play out the string to see who can take the starting job. Enroth could have provided solid goaltending to a contending team in need of a quality backup. I find it hard to believe this was the best return on Enroth the Sabres could get. With Enroth gone the full tank is now on for Connor McDavid, who will be the top pick come the draft in Sunrise, Florida this summer.

Will the Sabres end up with Connor McDavid? There are a handful of teams in the mix, such as Edmonton, Arizona, Carolina, Colorado and most recently Toronto, who can’t seem to beat a pee wee team all of a sudden. The last time a player of this magnitude came up in the draft was Sidney Crosby and somehow the Pittsburgh Penguins won the draft that year. Do I believe the Sabres will win the draft? Living in Buffalo these past 18 years has turned me into a pessimist. The Buffalo Bills lost four straight Super Bowls, the No Goal result in 1999 against the Dallas Stars, and in 2007 it seemed like every defenseman got hurt before eventually losing to the eventual Stanley Cup winning Carolina Hurricanes. So what do I think? No they won’t get McDavid. McDavid is going to a bigger NHL market team such as Colorado or Toronto. I am not ruling Buffalo out but I think it would have to take another miracle on ice.

domnewI hope the Buffalo Sabres can reverse their fortunes and land Connor McDavid

– Damian Mikrut

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