Rude Breakups

What ever happened to politeness in society? Where I come from, if you hold the door open for someone, “thank you” is said aloud – regardless if you are acquainted or not. Yesterday I held a door open for 3 people in a row and the old man at the end was the only one to thank me. It seems that the mannerism of rudeness is seeping into every inch of our lives nowadays. Even our relationships! Which leads to the topic of which most concerns me today. Break-ups.


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Now it’s no secret that break-ups are difficult; often on both sides. Obviously, being dumped sucks and you’re bound to feel down for a while. It’s natural. However, how does the person ending it feel? I’ve ended my fair share of relationships and I’ll admit… it often blows. But Cameron, how does this tie in with rude mannerisms in society? Patience padawan, we’re getting there.

I think we can all agree that each relationship is different and thus each break-up has to be tailored for that relationship. Here’s my general rule(s) of thumb:

  • One date – A phone call. Neither of you should be overly attached at this point and it’s perfectly acceptable to say “I don’t see this working out” over the phone.
  • Anything after 1st time having sex – In person. I’m sorry, but once you’ve been intimate, it’s just rude to do it any other way. Have some balls and confront the situation.

There it is. There’s where the rudeness starts. You’re too cowardly to confront an unpleasant situation. So you end it in a text, or over the phone… facebook, email, tell a friend to end it, etc. You opt for the easy way out by not confronting the situation and thus belittle the person by not having the dignity to confront them. That’s rude.

Then there’s my favorite that seems to be the big thing now – just ignoring it all together. One day everything is all good; you’re “talking,” you’re both into each other… then boom. No contact. Not returning calls, texts, etc. Completely being ignored. Who thinks this is acceptable? Seriously? That’s rude as fuck. Have some courage. Be a decent person. At what point did we become such sissies that we’re afraid to tell someone that we don’t like them? And why did we just start ignoring it?

Relationships and break-ups are a part of life. They go hand in hand and everyone will have to experience them at some point. So with that said, let’s all be dignified adults about it. If you don’t want to continue seeing someone, tell them. Don’t do it via email, facebook, or text. And by all means, don’t just ignore them.


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I know it’s difficult, but keep these few things in mind when considering ignoring them as a breakup:

  • You don’t want to see them upset? Imagine the hurt of being ignored by someone you care about. Yeah, you just inflicted that.
  • Because you just did that, what kind of person does that make you?

Ponder on that next time you think of ending it with someone in a shitty manner.



– Cameron Blevins

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