Romance, love, the game. And when “the one” doesn’t feel the same.

As a wealthy, good looking, charming, charismatic, mysterious…… (Shall I continue), and adventurous man there has never been a shortage of ladies in my life. It’s the most complicated and dangerous aspect of our every day lives. Who doesn’t want to find that special someone to grow old with and perhaps start a family. Scorned people, that’s who. But I’ll get to that.

Now I am a man that enjoys his freedom, flirting and attention. So not being tied down always seemed like a blessing more than a curse. But, as will happen in life, you will be thrown a curve ball. I also considered myself a bachelor. I have enjoyed the company of many different woman over the years. I very much enjoyed their company. We had our time and we both moved on. Now, with the more and more females I would meet the chances increase for meeting someone special. And I did. It’s not something you aim for or plan. It just happens. You meet someone and everything changes. You no longer want to be the bachelor, you don’t want to meet anyone new, you only want to see, know and have this one person.

It doesn’t matter how it happens. When you meet you feel something. That “it” something. It truly is like magic. They are on your mind every moment after you meet. You just can not wait for that next time you see one another. When that time happens it flies by because you are both into one another so much, as much as time will slow when you’re together, it will fly by. Because the conversations are so fluid, kisses are so explosive, etc…… That you cannot have enough and every moment ends. Over time things progress and a string of amazing days, nights and moments have you feeling that something special. That heart racing, heart dropping, head in the clouds something. Love, it may not be the same for everyone. But I’m pretty sure it’s pretty similar to this for us all. If you haven’t felt it, I’m sure you will. It’s the greatest feeling we as human beings get the opportunity to experience.
Things progress, get more serious. Discussions of moving in together and kids happen, it’s natural. It’s my favorite part of the relationship. After the courtship and honeymoon phases, which don’t get me wrong are amazing and equally as beautiful. It’s that true commitment, life planning, truly happy together period that gets me. I’m the happiest then. When you look at her (“him” for any ladies that may be reading) and feel in your soul this my woman (man) and I am the happiest person in existence.

And….. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. Because as I’ve stated earlier life will happen. It will throw curve balls and wrenches into the works. It’s even harder If you had made it further in your relationship. Living together, marriage, kids….. just makes it all more difficult. I hope if life does get hard you are able to work it out. However, when life doesn’t go your way. Perhaps your past catches up with you, the 2 of you have an uncompromisable disagreement, or you are just human and made a mistake. Relationships will end. It’s something we’ve been warned about since we were kids. “Nothing lasts forever” “nothing gold can stay” “it’s better to have loved and lost, than to not have loved at all” “theres plenty of fish in the sea” when you’ve seen true beauty, the colors are brighter, the scents more fresh, and to the touch more tingly and sensitive than ever. None of those lines help when it ends. In fact nothing will help. Not friends comforting you, not crying, not a gorgeous rebound, not even all the ben and Jerry’s in the world. The only thing that can do it, at least in my experience is time. It is also easy to become bitter and scorned. I advise against this because that Will have a far longer lasting affect than the initial heart break. Trust me. It may be the hardest thing to do. But you have to keep your head up. You may feel more down now than you have ever been. The same way the person, for you, was like oxygen and water Something you just can’t live without. You are now suffocating and drowning. You will probably live with a scar. It may not be visible, but it’s there. When someone comes into your life and completely changes it. Let’s try to make it for the better. You may be down, but how are you supposed to feel the highs if you don’t know the lows. If you are the one holding on, let go. Learn the lessons that person had to teach. You will come out of this. And you will be better for it. Don’t give up, someone is out there looking for you. They just don’t know it yet.




– Salvatore Morocco

TWITTER: @SalvatoreMorocc