Road Rage

Does road rage come with the territory of driving? I have been driving on and off for a while, but I’ve recently been able to consistently drive, like get up and go on my own, and the people on the road are crazy. I mean I am like a baby being winged off her mommy’s boobs, and I go strictly by the book, so, yes when I am driving I go the speed limit, even when I want to speed, and my definition of speeding is being over the speed limit, no higher than 5, lol, like, I feel like a cop is going to pull me over in any second for going that little over, or I will go into a seminar and they will talk about the people that doesn’t act with integrity when no one is looking. The cops are just as bad. I had a cop to get behind me, and I was going the speed limit, not over, but the exact, and he went around me and started going faster. I am like, really, you don’t suppose to do that, now, I feel like the square that obeys the laws, but what am I to do when I still have my driver instructor still screaming at me in my ear? Okay, maybe, I went too far, emotionally, in that last sentence, and now, you think I’m crazy, but when people are blowing at me for doing the right thing I can’t help but to want to flip them off and call them an idiot, and it comes out of nowhere, lol. One minute I am singing my favorite tune, next minute, I am cussing someone out for not letting me over when they clearly seen me trying to get over. What am I to do, lol?


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I literally have to pray that I will have a great attitude on the road and forgiveness for those who I get angry at. I have to realize that they don’t understand and are operating in the way that they know, but who gave them their licenses, like, seriously, I went through hell to be able to drive my babies around. I walked for so long just hoping for the day when I will be able to drive and not walk. I finally got to that day and I am driving aside a maniac that clearly desires to commit suicide because they wait until you are really close to jump out in front of you. Hello, it isn’t even twelve noon, yet, and you are on the bottle? Why, why do they get to drive like a bat out of hell, and I have to be safety Dave? (Dave sounds like a safety name, lol, poor Dave, or Sally, lol) I get tired of obeying the laws and I want to speed, but I have a conscious and I actually use it and Lord, knows I don’t desire not to show gratitude, through discipline, for all God has done for me. He made a way for me to be able to have a car that I didn’t even pay for. I can’t get on the road and cause other people harm.


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So, yeah, even in my road rage, I learn to humble myself, and to me, road rage comes with the territory of driving because of all the frustration. We have phones that must move at the speed of light, and devices. So, I completely understand why we desire to move just as fast on the road. I read about a guy that shot his computer because it ran slow, so, yeah, the road is hardly any different. People get emotional and I can’t blame them. You are trying to get from point A to point B, and God knows you don’t want anyone getting in your way, just go read your book first before you cut me off again. Thank you!



– Matasha Lee

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