Quality vs. Quantity

This is something you hear in marketing all the time. Is it better to have few of something that’s going to last forever, or a lot of something you’ll need to replace once a year? And when you get into the nitty gritty of it, this is something that we can look at with just about every aspect of our lives. The food we eat, the cars we buy, the clothes we wear and even the ladies we date. I’m largely of the opinion that quality is much better than quantity. Take for example the music industry. These days you can download a brand new album the day it comes out for little (and in some cases, no) cost. At one time, buying a new album was an experience. People had a connection with their tunes on a deeper level. There was almost a ritual to it, picking out your albums, listening to them on 45s and LPs. This is why I have reverted back to listening to vinyls. There’s a nostalgia that even I, a 24 year old, can appreciate. And such is why I have an ever growing vinyl collection. It’s quality over quantity. That’s why even today, vinyls will hold more of a value than CDs or MP3s ever will.


But let’s say you’re not of the musical mindset and none of that appeal to you. What about beer? I don’t care who you are, every dude has his select preference brew over another kind. That doesn’t mean he won’t drink other brands, but given the choice, he’ll go with his preferred one. Again, it’s a quality issue.


What about the ladies? This is most definitely a quality issue. Unless you’re a player, in which case quantity seems to be the ruling factor. But for anyone who wants a real, meaningful relationship – Quality is key. Everyone has their guidelines when it comes to someone you’re dating. A few of mine:

  • Not too much make up – If she looks like she can take Bozo the Clown’s job, it’s a no-go.CrazyEyeMakeup
  • Teeth – if she looks like she’s throwing up gang signs every time she smiles, I’m sorry but I just can’t do it.teeth
  • Willing to work – Now I’m not saying she HAS to get a job, but if we’re eating Ramen every night and having to choose between what bills we’re paying this month, she better be willing to work.hard_working_lady
  • Intelligence – I need someone that I can have a reasonably intelligent conversation with. If I want to leave the room every time she opens her mouth, it’s not going to work.math

Now many people will call things like this shallow, petty or even cruel. I say those people are morons. This is an opinion piece, you have yours and I have mine. But everyone has their guidelines and whether we want to or not, we just can’t ignore the things that we know are going to bother us. I know that those four listed are hot button issues for me, so I pay attention to those when I’m dating someone. Again, it’s quality over quantity.

The point is, the next time you’re buying a car, picking up dinner, at the grocery store, downloading a song or even on a date, keep in mind- Quality over quantity.


– Cameron Blevins

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