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izzyIzzy Presley

Another FN Podcast is my outlet to do it my way. To bring on the guests I want to bring on and talk about what ever I FN want. Yes, there will be celebrities. I’m the Owner/operator of Izzy Presley Productions, host of Under The Covers and singer for ACK! A Tribute to Ace Frehley. Join me on Stuff Dudes Like every week for new episodes and follow me on Twitter.

TWITTER: @Izzy_Presley

nototallyNo, Totally!

Brian lives in New Hampshire and likes 8 Mile. Shaun lives in California and feels that most people nowadays just don’t get Citizen Kane. Every week these amateurs watch a movie and fumble through a recorded conversation about it. Is it art? No. Is it fun? No, totally!

TWITTER: @NoTotally

noscornerNostalgia Corner

Nostalgia Corner is a weekly podcast starring 3 friends: Ryan, Josh and Kev. Together we talk pop culture, comics, music, movies, video games, fanfic, and other things of nostalgic proportions! Whether you’re a fan of the 80’s, 90’s or present; you are sure to enjoy Nostalgia Corner!

TWITTER: @nostalgiacrnr

papaPapa’s Basement

There was a time before iPods when women had pubic hair and talk radio was edgy, insightful and hilarious. Those times, much like the wild buffalo and the American middle class, have disappeared. But Papa’s Basement remembers, and tries to recapture their magic twice a week. Do we succeed? Well, why don’t you listen and find out? Seriously. You just have to click a button and sit like a catatonic for a few minutes as the podcast plays. You’re here because your ancestors avoided starvation by sprinting after mammoths for miles, hunting them using rocks tied to sticks, and you can’t be bothered to move your fingers the two millimeters it will take to bring my voice to you out of the thin air? Way to carpe diem, Captain Effort.

TWITTER: @papasbasement

papafbPapa’s Football Podcast

A humorous, adult-languaged look at the NFL stories from the week that was, the games to come and everything else football-related. If you like football and men talking like men and not innocuous, inoffensive ESPN bobbleheads, you’re going to enjoy it.

TWITTER: @papasbasement

moviemaddMovie Maddness and Lake Effect Comedy

A radio show on 91.3FM WBNY in Buffalo NY and a podcast with movie reviews, interviews that sometimes go awry & comedy with @jpomietlasz, @thahottness, @nick_stutzman and sometimes @kellz1313

TWITTER: @MovieMaddness1

ewrestlinge-Wrestling Podcast

Tony, Ross and Martin host your weekly podcast covering all things wrestling including WWE, iMPACT!, ROH, Lucha Underground and much more! Catch us each week for the latest news, views and wrestling chat! We’ve got you covered on the e-Wrestling Net podcast right here on Stuff Dudes Like!

TWITTER: @e_wrestlingnet


Brand spanking new Video Games podcast, discussing the hottest releases and current events. Find us right here on Stuff Dudes Like!

TWITTER: @AYBpodcast

hftHappy Fun Time Sports

Sports, Beer, and Melissa’s Boobs. We’re not terribly deep, but we’re definitely entertaining and we’re here on Stuff Dudes Like!


darkmatchDark Match Wrestling Podcast

Join your hosts, Mike Lewis, @PeoplesPodcasta Nick R. & their producer @BillyDarkMatch Billy V. and listen to the procrastination of creating the greatest wrestling podcast of all-time. Every week they meet right here on Stuff Dudes Like to discuss ideas for the perfect podcast yet somehow are sidetracked time and time again by all there is in the world of pro wrestling. They are talking about it all, past, present & future from WWE, TNA, ROH, NJPW, Lucha Underground, NXT, local indy companies like ACE & PWS and so much more.

TWITTER: @BillyDarkMatch

dsfDrunk Sport Fan

Drunk Sportfan is a podcast that mixes booze and sports debate into a fun-filled half hour that covers every aspect American sports. Every month the hosts sits down with a guest for 4 episodes. The shows are recorded in one sitting, which means every week the conversation gets drunker. Whether you love sports, day-drinking, or just want to feel better about where you are in life, DrunkSports welcomes you to grab a drink and join the debate.

TWITTER: @DrunkSportFan