Pittsburgh Girls Are the Worst

If you are living in a cold weather climate during the winter like me, chances are that you’ve noticed fellow humans gaining weight. The winter is brutal here. Subzero temperatures occur often. While many males in the region play winter sports like hockey and skiing, it seems that the girls of Pittsburgh spend their time eating and whoring around.


Girls are so bad around here that this woman pictured above who I would rate as a 6 max in the country is considered top tier by most in the burgh. (Some guys will roll their eyes and say she isn’t hot.. I personally don’t find her appealing) but if secret cameras could follow around these YINZER dudes I’d say 99 out of 100 take the bait.

The male to female ratio is quite ridiculous already, but when you examine it further- it’s shocking. I honestly can say that if I leave work right now and drive down the road I may see 1 attractive female out of 10. Why? Because why do they even have to try?

Pittsburgh dudes are thirsty. So thirsty that our women around here don’t even feel the need to work out. Pittsburgh is a place where your valuable just being a female. Forget needing a personality, nice boobs, or even a flat stomach. Guys around here will bang anything. Instead of being united, the males are sneaky and go behind friends backs in an effort to bang a 5 at best.


Pittsburgh encourages females to just remain the same. Fellows, if you could lay around all day smoking pot, eating pizza, and Kate Upton still knocks on your door, are you seriously going to be motivated to go to the gym? Of course not. Welcome to the life of a Pittsburgh female.


These females sit around here often having to do nothing to better themselves and still get the royal treatment from these Quakers. This is why these females continue to diminish. When I moved to Chicago last summer I noticed almost everybody of every age was attractive. I was stunned. For I saw how awful my childhood was growing up. I was paying top dollar to date girls who if I were to take out in Chicago would have been much better looking and even nicer.

What a sham!

As a male, you need females to keep you motivated. Whether it be by virtue of their sex appeal, career ambition, or loving nature- males need females. However, I’m not so sure that is the case in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is nice and tucked geographically speaking in the United States of America. The combination of mountains, rivers, and odd bodies of water create havoc on the region at times. Speaking of odd bodies and havoc, you should see the females from Pittsburgh.

I could write all day about how great females are. Except for my home city. Pittsburgh may known as the city of champions, but Pittsburgh girls are the worst.



– Josh King
Twitter: @joshk65