The New England Patriots are cheaters.

That is a fact that we need not debate. The question with this most recent in a long line of known wrongdoings by the Patriots was what would the NFL finally do about it?

The news just broke that the NFL has missed the opportunity to put an end to the cheating by the New England Patriots. The NFL has made it a given that no one in the Patriots organization will blink at continuing to break, mold, bend, taint the rules going forward.


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Here is the puny penalty: Tom Brady only four games. It is likely that this will not even keep the Patriots out of the playoffs and even their cheating their way to another Super Bowl.

The million dollars to the Kraft familyl is mere change under their limo seats. Don’t think so??? Look at the stadium, the payroll, and much more could be listed. If a million dollars really was a painful penalty to the Patriots, we would have also immediately heard of coaches and administrators fined or fired. We have not heard such talk at any point before or now after the penalty has been announced. Not once did a Kraft family member say that if someone was caught cheating that they faced internal punishment. Simply there is a culture of cheating that exists in Foxboro.


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The draft picks loss is again nothing. A loss of one draft pick in a year is the same as making a bad draft pick that you have to just trade or cut.

When I play basketball on the playground and get hit hard it is often said by the offender: “no harm, no foul.”

For the New England Patriots they have once again gotten away with cheating. How many times they have cheated and we don’t know could be a massive number.

The NFL has said to all the fans and all the other teams: “no harm, no foul.”

So here’s what NFL fans need to do in response to this (since the NFL won’t take real action):

*Remove all talk about how great the Patriots are or have been in the last 10-15 years.

*Remove all talk about Brady being mentioned among the best qb’s to play the game. (He is not and now that he has directly and personally hit as a cheater NFL fans should treat him like the MLB treats PETE ROSE. Poor old Pete can’t get into the Hall. Brady will go into the NFL Hall, but he should not.)

*Remove all talk about any yardage records of any receivers or Brady.

Finally, any real sports fan (including Patriot fans) should flood the office of the NFL that they are now without doubt co-cheaters with the Patriots.
It won’t make a different to N(not) F (fully) L (legal).

The only people hurt. Those who pay the high price tickets and merchandise and, oh yeah, those who really love the game and only want to see a good, fair game where the best team wins.

That is simply not today’s NFL.



– Christian Chandler

TWITTER: @AuthorChrisC