One of Our Favorite Heroes is Back Once More

Lately there has been so many movies out involving saving the world and super heroes. I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t had the chance to go to the theater lately but there is one film I know I am surely not going to miss, especially since this movie will only be in theaters for one week only. I am talking about the upcoming Dragon Ball Z film titled, Revival Of F/Resurrection ‘F’, aka, Revival of the most controversial nemesis, Frieza.

The film takes place a few years after the events from the previous film, Battle of Gods, occurs. Two of Frieza’s soldiers, Sorbet and Tagoma, manage to find all the dragonballs and wish Frieza back to life, after his last death was in the hands of future Trunks, whom trained and travelled to the past to defeat Frieza in his re-built form, Mecha-Frieza. After Trunks defeated him, Trunks travelled to his normal time in the future. Not only is Trunks now missing from Frieza’s return during this time in the movie, but Goku and Vegeta are gone training intensely in a far away planet, too far to be contacted. That leaves the remaining Z fighters to fend off Frieza and his 1000+ army of soldiers.

Though if you watch the trailer, you know eventually Goku makes it in time, of course. I mean, what movie would this be without the main superstar. (Not that he doesn’t deserve it, sometimes I wish Vegeta or even Piccolo would be the hero in the end). Once Goku and Frieza confront each other, Goku in his nature wants no one to hold back and both to fight with their full potential this time around. Thus Frieza immediately transforms into his final form, or so everyone thinks. From then on the story vastly escalates even more. Could this be the final time Frieza makes an appearance for good? There are spoilers online, but I am NOT going to post any here and do not wish to know what they are. I’ll let the trailer speak for itself. Dragon Ball Z: Revival Of ‘F’/Resurrection ‘F’ will be in theaters August 4-12, 2015 in select theaters nationwide.




– Fernando Martin
TWITTER: @WeLoveMetalFern