Nice girls should be treated like Queens

It’s normal for guys to treat girls terribly. I’ve been guilty of bashing women online myself. I often forget to remind myself that not every woman is evil and sometimes my writing may offend good women when that never is the intention.

nice girls 1

Women are sacred. They are the mothers of our children. They are the backbone to our society. Good women are crucial to our survival in this country. Naturally, they should be treated as gold but my generation doesn’t do that. Instead we turn on them and often take them for granted. Why? Because one bad egg ruins the dozen for us.



Then we often run into a dozen bad eggs and it can ruin eggs in general. It’s hard to spend 11 months worshiping a girl believe me I know. Treating her like gold, taking her everywhere you go, it can really be expensive. Then one night they can pull an ill advised stunt that leaves you speechless. They can hurt you. Chances are you won’t be as nice to the future girl and the cycle repeats itself over and over again.


There are plenty of women out there who are just bad eggs and we usually allow one heartbreak to dictate our opinions on all females. It’s wrong and I’m one of the most guilty culprits. I have met some women who have had to deal with circumstances so far beyond what they should, yet I don’t see them bashing men online. These women sit in silence and wait for prince charming to come. Good women deserve good moral men.


Sadly, our generation produces more assholes than charmers. Its a vicious cycle. I see people cheating on each other now more than ever and that isn’t the solution. Perhaps we all can change, but until we do, we must do a better job as dudes avoiding breaking hearts.

If you can’t be faithful in a relationship then don’t be in one. But don’t break a good woman’s heart. Because there are very few left. Let’s do a better job treating nice girls as Queens.



– Josh King

Twitter: @joshk65