NASCAR Fantasy for Atlanta


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Another week, another screwy qualifying session, and to keep things interesting, the fastest car in happy hour blew an engine.  If you followed my advice you are in the top 30% of your league after week one, let’s improve on that.

Harvick was a no brainer start, until he blew an engine and has to start in back. At a track like Atlanta where grip and tire wear are the utmost concerns it is imperative to look at the best 10 lap averages from practice, not just the fastest speed. Luckily a lot of teams made 10 lap runs and have provided a lot of clarity.

Grabbing fast teams that are starting at the back of the pack is ideal and this week’s qualifying embarrassment has given us that. Jimmie and Gordo were 2nd and 3rd respectively in 10 lap average speeds but are starting at the back of the field. Count me in.

Larson has been fast and this type of track matches his wall riding, slideways driving style. I couldn’t fit him in my lineup, but boy did I want to.

Now we need cheap drivers that are fast. Casey Mears and Martin Truex in the top 6 in average speed? Wow, this is a little too easy this week.

Super cheap driver with good equipment and starting in the back….Regan Smith. Also, lock in that $7.50 cap number, that number is only going to keep skyrocketing.


Ideal lineup:

Jimmie Johnson

Jeff Gordon

Casey Mears

Martin Truex

Regan Smith

$8.75 remaining….Hey, can I get a 6th driver?


– Adam Dulski

Twitter: @adamdulski