My best Opponent


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I can with my magic wand, do alchemy in my world.

Manifesting all wishes that my mind conceives.

I can fly over unknown skies, sit and listen to the waves from a bench in a beautiful village forgotten in the minds of their own people.

I can go to the heights from a train that glides through beautiful mountain landscapes where fairies live and goblins hide their treasures, at the end of a beautiful rainbow that is drawn in the distance.

Listening to fabulous medieval stories while I walk the streets made of stone which are leading to a castle that was inhabited by a king who ruled a magical kingdom.

To which resigned for love, feeling privileged to wake up every day in the city was once just a dream I dared to dream.

But thoughtful doubt on my mind, influenced by external forces, blocking the natural energy that flows like ten thousand suns, generating days of darkness and confusion.

I must concede that my best opponent is the image reflected in the mirror, which aims to establish battles whose banner is fear.

And the best defense is the logic.

Which uses pretending to weaken the power that resides in me.

The power that drives me to pursue my true destiny.


– Liseet Mata

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