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The offseason is in full bloom in the NFL, and here is my first Mock Draft of the year. I will put one out right before the draft. First of all, this list is the top ten picks, it’s too early to tell where all these picks will line up, and I’m making this list of the Top 10 as it sits right now.


  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Jameis Winston, this pick to me is a Zach Morris “no brainer”, he has run a pro-style offense at FSU, has a football IQ that is near Peyton Manning, and is unstoppable in and out of the bedroom. Tampa Bay was a rising team a few years ago, and then they got Lovie Smith for a coach and are now the worst in the NFL you do the math on that one. They need a QB and Winston fits the bill.
  • Tennessee Titans-Leonard Williams, a lot of people have Mariota going at this spot, but I think the Titans are going to try Zach Mettenberg he didn’t have a great rookie year but he showed flashes of being their QB. Leonard Williams is the best player in the draft and will instantly help out the Titans defense. When I look at Leonard Williams I don’t see much of a risk with this pick.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars-Dante Fowler, this is where the draft starts to get interesting. A lot of people have the Jaguars taking a lineman here, but I believe they take care of that in Free Agency. Fowler was a combine darling and he is very similar to Khalil Mack who was phenomenal for the Raiders last year. Jacksonville needs an offense that can stop people this is a step in the right direction. Pencil him in for 10 sacks next year and many years after.
  • Oakland Raiders-Amari Cooper, Kevin White has been the hot pick to go the raiders, but I think this time the Raiders go with the safer play. Cooper has all the skills he just isn’t as fast as White. Oakland has gambled on speed before and lost. Cooper fills a huge void at WR, and has had the experience and pressure of playing at Alabama. The Oakland Raiders with a good draft will field a very competitive next year.
  • Washington Redskins-Shane Ray, Washington has a lot of needs, but with the injury problems with Orakpo the Redskins need an edge rusher that they can depend on, and Ray is that guy. Look for Orakpo to be gone via free agency and this is a heavy need for Washington.
  • New York Jets-Marcus Mariota, it is surprising he is around this long, but a lot of teams are scared about the type of offense he ran in college. I see this pick going to the Eagles in the end. Either way the Jets would be happy with Mariota especially with the addition of Brandon Marshall.
  • Chicago Bears-Randy Gregory, this guy should have been off the board sooner, but this is going to be a great pick for the Bears. For this first time in a long time the Bears are moving to a 3-4 defense and Gregory will give them a pass rush that was nonexistent last year.
  • Atlanta Falcons-Vic Beasley, the Clemson product might be the best edge rusher in the draft, and he is stated publicly that he would like to play for Falcons. Atlanta needs defensive help and this will be a great fit for them. Another guy who will instantly impact a defense.
  • New York Giants-Brandon Scherff, Eli Manning has been one of the most sacked quarterbacks in the last few years and his interception numbers has showed that. Scherff is the best offensive lineman in this year’s draft and will help keep Eli upright.
  • St.Louis Rams-Kevin White, the Rams already have a great defense they need to put up more points. Kevin White gives them a great option opposite Tavon Austin. The Rams are one of my sleeper teams this year and White’s explosiveness will definitely help.
  • Minnesota Vikings-Trae Waynes, I know what you are thinking I thought you said there were only 10 picks in your first mock draft. Well, the Vikings are my team so deal with it. Waynes is the best CB in the draft, and when you have to face Aaron Rodgers twice a year the more defensive backs the better. This is definitely a need pick for the Vikings and will help a very good defense going forward.


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– Jeff Bauer

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