Medal of Honor – Heroes (Video Game Review)



Genre: FPS
Release Date: October 23, 2006
Platform: Sony PSP
Price: $10


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Some people in the gaming community assume that if a popular gaming franchise makes its way on to a portable device, whether it be the DS, PSP or even a cell phone, the experience can never be duplicated when compared to its console counterpart. Luckily for PSP gamers, nobody bothered to tell this to Electronic Arts. Medal of Honor Heroes is packed with everything you know and love from the franchise, but in a convenient handheld package for on-the-go gunning.

The story is what you’ve come to expect from a Medal of Honor game. You take the role of three different World War II soldiers, all stationed in different parts of Europe. There is a mission briefing which describes where you are, what needs to be done and how your Hero has contributed to the war efforts thus far. It’s nice to learn a little about the character you’ll be playing as in each mission instead of controlling some faceless, nameless grunt, fighting in some random part of the world.

EA took the normal Medal of Honor single player campaign ramped up the pace. A mission could take almost an hour to complete in previous entries but Heroes has trimmed most down to about a third of that, with more straightforward objectives and easier secondary objectives. I started to miss the longer missions when my PSP was hooked up to my TV, sure, but the playtime is perfect for completing a mission in the break room at work or on a bus ride downtown.


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The missions are action-packed and full of Nazi soldiers to waste. No matter how you like to play, Heroes lets you do it. I’m a run-and-gun kind of player, shooting everyone in sight, stopping only to reload or use a medpack. But there are plenty of places to take cover, snipe enemies, lob grenades or wait for re-enforcements for all you sneaky types. To keep the gameplay from getting too repetitive, there are also objectives that center around planting explosives, finding documents about POWs and acquiring paperwork to sneak into Nazi controlled buildings.

As good as the single player game is, it’s after you finished the campaign that Medal of Honor Heroes really starts to shine. Heroes offers 32-player online games in 6 different modes of play, which is an impressive feat when compared to the rest of the PSP’s online enabled games. There are even exclusive modes like Infiltration which can be a lot of fun when Deathmatch starts to feel a little old. You can also jump in and out of games without interrupting the rest of the players.

In a world of dual-analog and countless controller buttons, it’s hard for the PSP to keep up with its single-analog nub and limited shoulder buttons. Fortunately, Medal of Honor has been around longer than dual-analoging, and anyone familiar with the the original Playstation games will have no problem with Heroes’ default setup. Every command is exactly where you think it should be mapped on the PSP, and the second analog stick isn’t missed at all. But just in case the controls aren’t to your liking, the game has multiple other configurations to choose from.

Heroes might live in the shallow end of the Medal of Honor pool when it comes to variety of missions, but its WWII atmosphere is just as cinematic as any other game in the series. The whole experience has been streamlined for a more pick-up-and-play style, and, it has 32-player online games as well as a plethora of different modes to play in. These things put Medal of Honor Heroes head and shoulders above the rest of the first-person shooters on Sony’s handheld.







– Keith White Jr.

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