Mastercard Rich

Dudes love fast cars and hot chicks but as much as they do, there is one thing that dudes love even more. CASH, $$$, MOOLA, MONEY!!

It gives them a great deal of power. Everything from buying their buddies rounds of beer and delicious hot dogs at Yankee stadium to buying a vintage corvette and tear up the streets with it!


But there are also the evils or money… The credit card wealthy that buy their kids high-end mega toys that do nothing but add to their social mis-functions and then supply them with a never ending bottle of Paxil that they eat like a handful of jelly beans at the circus! The pills turn them into nimrods that need help filing out a job application at a Wawa gas station or buying tooth paste at the dollar store.

It’s crazy! These plastic cards have more control and power over people than the roman army! I guess my point is, try to use that old fashioned stuff with pictures of dead guys with bad hair cuts called money and use paper instead of plastic!

Sorry lib hippys, this is one time it’s safer to use paper over plastic.

CU1_DebitCardWalletPlatCard_1 copy


– Mike Bocchetti

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