Man’s REAL Best Friend!

Since the dawn of time the canine lovers of the world have led us to believe that the dog is man’s best friend. Sorry to disappoint you Fido but a man’s REAL best friend is his pecker! That’s right you heard me, his penis! Although when you think about it, they do have certain similarities to one another. Both your dog and your dick will wake you up at inappropriate times. Both will go to the bathroom, both get super excited when they see a cute chick with great tits and both hibernate when they get tired or cold.


But again I have to say “sorry” to Fido because that’s where the similarities end. Fido, you will always come in a distant second to Mr. Penis. We need our penises to populate the world. If we tried that with you, we would all end up with kids that looked like characters from the comic strip The Far Side. Our kids would stand on the front lawn and lift their leg every time they had to pee and they would be addicted to sniffing strange butts in public. Sorry Fido but as much as we dudes love you, Mr. Penis is truly our best friend!



– Mike Bocchetti

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