Making love to the camera: talking with a cam model

Today we will shine a spotlight on one star of the adult industry. One of my personal favorite girls and just all around sweetheart cyber angel Alli Leigh (@AlliLeigh_CB). This beautiful cam model took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her experience in the world of camming and here is what happened.


WolfKing: First let me say thank you for letting me interview you. My first question i guess would be, why cam, what attracted you to it?

Alli Leigh: Thank you! The pleasure is all mine.


 Image Credit: @AlliLeigh_CB

WolfKing: Why cam, what attracted you to it?

Alli Leigh: I thought it sounded like fun– I’d heard of it a few years beforehand, having always dated pretty sexual exploitative fellows. I was pretty miserable at my job and started doing research, joined a forum and gave it a shot after I quit my job in management (with some backup plans, of course!).

What really hit the nail with the hammer was seeing some of the other girls and how exhibitive and extroverted they could be, while being so truly introverted and sweet at the same time. Eliza Schatz was the first woman who made me think it was something I could actually do.


 Image Credit: @AlliLeigh_CB

WolfKing: So you enjoy it that’s good. Its always better to do something you enjoy. Now i know safety is a big issue, have you ever had any close calls like have someone recognize you while you were out?

Alli Leigh: No, Chaturbate is built with local region blocking filters that grab those who’d recognize me in person and I do utilize those.


 Image Credit: @AlliLeigh_CB

WolfKing: Well its good to see That safety is a top priority. So i understand you’ve been doing camming for about a year now. How has this affected you life romantically. Have you found it to be harmful or helpful?

Alli Leigh: It’s a bit of a mixed bag– it’d be hard to elaborate without sharing certain details that I tend to keep to myself.


 Image Credit: @AlliLeigh_CB

WolfKing: Understandable, could you tell us about your favorite experience you had while camming, as well as the worst?

Alli Leigh: My favorite experience was the extremely generous 25,000 token tip I received, as well as the awesome gifts I’ve gotten– like a LEGO X-Wing Fighter. The worst experience was when my first ever mod started harassing me and trying to get me banned after getting banned for being overly possessive and asking for sexual favors with no tokens in return (I’ve never been that naive).


 Image Credit: @AlliLeigh_CB


So if you want to have a good time watching a hot girl shake what her momma gave her and be a little geeky bring your cash and spend lots of it on Alli Leigh (@AlliLiegh_CB). So tip big tip often and its ok to jerk off just don’t BE a jerk.



– Matt Mollett A.K.A the WolfKing

TWITTER: @therealwolfking