Luck of the Irish

This week the Cleveland Cavaliers are facing the Boston Celtics in round one of the NBA playoffs. We all knew that the Cavs would make it, but where did the Celtics come from? Well, they came from the ground up.


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The Boston Celtics are coming up with the perfect equation. They are in year one of the rebuild and have also clinched the 7th seed in the East. While the Celtics are clearly the underdog, do not count them out. Remember, they came into the season with the belief that they would finish in the bottom. This team definitely has the potential to pull off a huge upset in this series.

In my opinion their are three challenges the Celtics need to overcome. First, they need to defend Lebron James. Do not let him drive – force him to shoot contested shots from the perimeter. Next, speed is going to be key. The Celtics are one of the youngest teams in the NBA. Therefore the Celtics need to use that to our advantage – fast break points will be a huge stat to follow. Finally, the Celtics bench has to produce like they have been all year. It will be Isaiah Thomas’s bench vs J.R. Smith’s bench. The Celtics need to win that battle. The starters will have a tough time controlling the “Big 3” so the bench needs to come out and pace the game.

Although I’m an avid Celtics fan I do believe this to be too big of a matchup for this young team. However they will give the Cavs a run for their money.

Cavs in 6!

This is how I believe the rest of the playoffs will finish:



– Ryan Bailey

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