The List

Every man has his idea of The List. Some include things like traveling abroad, while others focus on things as petty as simply getting laid. At the end of the day, we all have that list of things that we believe every man should do at least once in his life. Now just to clarify, this isn’t quite a “bucket list.” I feel that most of the tasks on this list are a bit sub-par for a bucket list and thus, it’s just a list of things I think every man should try once. Dudes, here is my list:

  • Visit Las Vegas. Set yourself a strict loss limit on your gambling, enjoy a few shows and take in the night life. Pretend you’re having the time of your life with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. (I will consider Atlantic City as an alternative, but you gotta have a hell of a reason for not going to Vegas.)vegas
  • Get your kicks on Route 66. That is to say, drive Historic Route 66. It’s a national landmark and is largely considered America’s Scenic Route. Bonus points if you drive it in a convertible and listen to the song Route 66 at least once.
  • Go Scuba Diving. It’s one of those things that I’ve always thought would be awesome. And you do too. Just admit it.
  • Live it up in a hotel suite for a week. Doesn’t even have to be outside of your hometown. Order room service and invite girls back to your room. Imagine you’re a multimillionaire and this is just another week in the life. Bonus points if it’s the Penthouse Suite.suite
  • Play Chess until you beat someone you shouldn’t. Then quit forever. Chess is a game of strategy and patience. And for people like me, it can be damn hard to win. I understand the rules and concept, I just suck at it. So, play until you beat someone you know you shouldn’t and then never play again.
  • Make your own beer, wine, or moonshine. Being from Kentucky, this is almost a must-do for me. And you’d be surprised just how easy it can actually be. Hard ciders are especially easy.
  • Ride a horse. Being born and raised in the backwoods, I scratched this one off the list at about 5 or 6. But not every man has that opportunity. It’s an interesting experience and even if you don’t like horses, you’ll gain a new appreciation for how our forefathers had to travel. Plus, what’s manlier than a cowboy? Exactly.
  • Bet $100 on the longshot horse in the Kentucky Derby. To win. Money is just an object and you can always make more. If it loses, it’s only $100; if it wins, you’ve got one hell of a pay day.
  • Make a toast at a large formal gathering. Public speaking can be one of the most frightening things ever. All those eyes judging you. But the sense of accomplishment after you conquer it is far better than wussing out. Plus, you get to be a part of an important event. You can go from just the guy beside the groom to the guy who defined the love between a newlywed couple; from the guy who couldn’t stop crying at the viewing to the guy who immortalized his grandfather’s memory later at dinner. A good toast at the right time can change people’s minds.obama
  • Send a woman a drink from across the bar. This is one of the classiest acts in all of pick-up history, but only if it’s done right. Don’t stare her down as she gets the drink, and don’t approach her immediately after. Send the drink her way, glance at her as she receives it and raise your glass, then go back to whatever you were doing before. If she’s interested enough, she’ll come to you. Otherwise, be satisfied that you let a lady know she was attractive and you did it in a classy manor.
  • Go on a spontaneous road trip. Even if it’s just to the next nearest metropolitan area, take the trip at the drop of a hat. Get a good friend and just go. I live roughly 2 hours from Lexington, Kentucky. I have literally driven there with a car load of guys numerous times. And for what you may ask? White Castle. We don’t even like it that much, but amazing memories were made along the way.
  • Start a business, even if it’s just a side gig. They say get a job for the money and do your hobby for the love of it. I say monetize that hobby. By trade I am a Radio DJ. On the side I freelance as a writer and audio video editor. All are things I love and am good at; I’m just making some extra cash with it along the way.
  • Learn to fly an airplane. Conquering the skies is one of man’s greatest achievements. Be a part of that! Hell, even my chiropractor is a pilot. I’m not saying buy a plane and private runway, but look for the opportunity to do it at least once.
  • Get a suit tailor made for you. Anyone who is fashion savvy will tell you that a lot of how style works is how the clothes fit you. And few things say classy like a suit that fits perfectly (props bros, Barney Stinson). But in all reality, dressing the part is one of the major keys to progressing in a career. And it can change how someone looks at you.
  • Learn the “in’s” and “out’s” of a subject. Whether it be wine, beer, whiskey, cigars, books, or vinyl’s- find your niche. Every dude needs that one thing that he is an expert on. For me, it’s all those minus wine and beer.
  • Own a boat and entertain with it as often as possible. I don’t know what it is with men in my family and the obsession with boats, but it’s clearly hereditary. My grandpa, dad and even I have an unnatural love of boats. My ex used to call me a boat whore because I’d ogle every one that I saw.The Yacht Week Thailand 7th-14th December 2013
  • Learn to cook one dish to perfection and make it yours. This will come in handy because you won’t be dependent on anyone for your favorite meal and it’s a great way to impress the ladies. Especially the ones who can’t cook.
  • As with the road trips, take a train trip. There are certain aspects of life that have changed over the years and thus changed the experience. People used to have a major connection with their music by listening to vinyl. Then cassettes and CDs came about and after putting it on your computer the disc is pretty much useless. The same goes for travel. Planes have made travel fast and attainable. But it’s still missing the nostalgia of taking a business trip out of town on the train.
  • Smoke a fine, hand-rolled cigar. You can’t appreciate a fine cigar until you’ve smoked one. And once you do, you’ll never touch a disgusting Swisher Sweets again. A fine cigar is like a 3 course meal. It changes as you enjoy it and by the end you’re left feeling warm and satisfied.
  • Shoot a gun. Whether you like them or not, you should do it at least once. (not at anyone of course) Firing a weapon can only be described as exhilarating and confidence boosting.gun
  • Split firewood. As Henry Ford said, “chop your own firewood and it will warm you twice.” Growing up in the sticks, we always heated with firewood. Thus I’ve been splitting firewood since I was a young boy. It’s an amazing work out, a great lesson in preparation, and don’t forget about the best part: One hell of a way to rid yourself of pent up anger!
  • Carry a good quality pocket knife. My grandfather never went anywhere without one. It was a part of his daily ensemble. Start carrying one and it’ll surprise you just how often you do use it. And mark my words, the one day you forget it, you’ll need it more than ever.
  • Have a go-to drink. Whether it be an Old Fashion, a Southern Belle, Jameson and Ginger or just whiskey on the rocks- have a signature drink. This is your drink. When you go out with friends, they know instinctively that this is what you’ll be drinking.
  • Grow a beard. If for no other reason than to see if you can, grow a beard. See what fits you and stick with it. I know that I look decent with a full beard, but I look better with a goatee- so that’s what I go with. I also know that I look like a 17 year old without any facial hair, so I always keep some.Funny-Beards-Moustaches-2
  • Ride a motorcycle. Excluding the obvious fact that motorcycles are cool, it’s one of the most freeing experiences there is. Bonus points for Harleys and Indians.

Obviously this list isn’t a must do for every dude or dudette out there. It’s just my list of things that I want to do/have done in my life time. Feel free to add things or subtract things for your own list. The point is- make goals. Do things that you think are awesome.


– Cameron Blevins

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