Like Father… Like Son

Being a first time Dad to a 16-month old doesn’t lend to much time for writing. On the contrary it does offer a plethora of stories, memories and moments to write about and share.


As any dad would know the stories of diaper accidents and spitting up food are abundant and I will try to spare you the gross details. However, from time to time I would like to stop by and share with you dudes some random fun stories that parenthood and life have brought along the way. I should start with introductions, Ya know…so you can get to know the family a little, makes the stories easier to follow. Names Chris and I’m lucky enough to have an amazing and beautiful fiancé, Amy. Together we made a happy lil guy named Joey, who will be the topic of most of my stories I’m sure. They say that the apple don’t fall far from the tree and in our little family this absolutely holds true. Not only does Joseph look a spitting image of me but he also enjoys watching sports, listening to good music and watching Tom & Jerry!
So, story time it is.

Flipping through the channels after dinner a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a classic. Almost Famous was on VH1, after peeling myself away to go clean up dinner dishes I had strapped Joey into his highchair and put on one of his 83 dvr’d Tom & Jerry episodes. With mom folding laundry in the other room and me in the kitchen Joey was completely content giggling as his two favorite cartoon animals chase and maim each other. Over the splashing of water in the kitchen sink I could hear what I thought was uncontrollable crying and hysterics from the living room, I called to Amy to check on little man. She rushes in to find him not crying, but literally rocking out to a live Guns n Roses concert! After his Cartoon ended the Dvr goes back to the last viewed channel, VH1 in this case, who followed Almost Famous up with some G-n-R.


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Mr. Brownstone to be exact and he started banging his toy screwdriver and hammer on his tray like it was a drum. Complete with raising his hands over his head, I see a drum stick twirl in the near future. The baby talk sing a long was by far my favorite part.

By the time I controlled my laughter and composed myself enough to reach for my phone to record this epic moment Mr. Brownstone had ended along with Joey’s jam session.

I won’t always have a moral to my lil stories here but if there is a take away from this one, let it be:

Never be too busy and wrapped up in life to miss the little things that make it all worth while. Also, have a great memory for the things that make you happy because life’s little moments happen fast and sometimes are over before you can get your phone out of your pocket.

Take care my friends!


– Chris Monroe

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