As many people know David Letterman called it quits on Wednesday, ending a legendary 33 year career.

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Letterman was great at what he did and although he’s not the best, he’s a solid number two to the one and only Johnny Carson. Over the last few days many people paid their respects to the late night comedy legend with kind words and heartfelt stories. Guys like Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien told people to watch Dave instead. Kimmel didn’t even air a new episode and at exactly 11:35 O’Brien advised viewers to record his show and tune to CBS for Letterman’s farewell. On Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers all paid their respect to Letterman with little anecdotes about what he meant to them and comedy in general. Kimmel was almost in tears as he shared how he admired Letterman, showing the crowd a picture of his 18th birthday cake that read “L8 Nite” and his first car with a license plate that also read “L8 Nite” – a reference to Letterman’s first show on NBC.

Fallon shared an excerpt from his 8th grade yearbook where his teacher predicted that he would one day replace Letterman on Late Night which Fallon essentially ended up doing when he succeeded Conan O’Brien on Late Night in 2009. Lastly, Seth Meyers opened up his Late Night, Letterman’s original show, with a remade version of the original opening scene Letterman once called his own.


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Now these guys all did a great job showing how much Letterman meant to television history and many others paid their respects in various ways. This article if my way of showing my gratitude for Letterman.

Now I’m only 17 years old and I know not many kids my age watch Letterman, but I’ve been watching the Late Show with my dad everyday for as long as I could remember. Ever since I knew that I wanted to get into the broadcasting field I’ve wanted to be on Letterman and just have time to sit there and pick his brain. That dream unfortunately will never come for me and for the other kids that hope to someday make it big.

Being on Letterman was basically the goal for anyone with big dreams. Being on Letterman means that you’ve made it big. He was the top of the world. In the last year I’ve scrambled to get tickets for a show just so I could see him live just once in my life. When i finally did score a pair of tickets I was upset to find out people under 18 aren’t permitted to attend – so I never got my moment to even get that close to his iconic set.

Like many others I would like to thank Letterman for all he has done for everyone, he proved no matter what you can make it in the world. He was just a kid from a small town in Indiana and now he’s a television icon.



– Joe “Coupe” Ricupero