Let me Introduce Myself…

As the newest member of the SDL Staff, I felt it would be best if I introduce myself. That way you will all know who I am and what I will be bringing you each and every week.

My name is “The Main Event” Salvatore Morocco. Due to all of my involvements in pro wrestling, film making, my life in art, Vegas, gambling and my king of the night lifestyle, I cannot reveal too much about myself just yet. I suppose that I “could” reveal more, but I prefer to leave an air of mystery. Let that be my first lesson to you reader; let there be some mystery. Never give everything away.  But fear not, you will learn more about me in my upcoming articles. However,  I will never divulge too much information.


I will tell you, since this is a wrestling article,  I am a professional wrestler.  I have just begun to make a name for myself around the wrestling world.  Most notably defeating Zach Gowan and Gregory Iron in recent tag-team action.  In the United States I compete as myself, Salvatore Morocco and internationally I compete under a mask but the Lucha Libre lifestyle does not allow me to reveal that identity. Look to see many great things from me all across the world in 2015.

defeatOn top of being both a lifelong fan of wrestling and involved in the business, I have been involved in the music industry, the fashion world and the world of film making. These skills I’ve picked up give me added experience that I hope will translate into an enjoyable and informative reading experience. I plan not only to entertain you, dear reader, but perhaps teach some valuable lessons along the way.I have been watching professional wrestling for nearly 20 years.  WWE(F), WCW, ECW, WCCW, AWA, Smokey mountain, ROH, TNA. There is no federation or talent I wont watch. It’s that talent that brought me to the ring 3 years ago and it’s that passion that will lift me to the top of the business that I love! I have experienced many things in the “squared circle” and been a part of many company’s product. I will use my experiences, my knowledge, and unbiased judgment to bring you captivating articles each and every week right here on “Stuff Dudes Like”.

With all of that said,  I hope you will join me next week as the journey begins! You can also find me on Twitter @salvatoremorocc or just send me a message in the comments below.

– Salvatore Morocco

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