Kate Upton or Free Weed for life?

By the way, if you pick Upton, she follows you around for life, madly in love with you.


You are a hero in God’s eyes. He decides to present a choice to you. You can either have Kate Upton for the rest of your life or you can have all Cannabis 4 LIFE for FREE.


Gorgeous blonde hair, the most famous boobs in the country. And look at those curves. She makes curves hot. I would never pay for any woman in the world, but Upton. I’d trade almost everything I owned and I’d trade my future for the bombshell.


Kate Upton is the hottest girl on the planet. I’ve been saying it since I saw her on commercials for MLB 2k12. She is just sooooo hot. I never drool over any female, but when Upton is on the screen I could drown myself in my drool.


I’d have to pretend that I didn’t think Upton was hot around every ex. Every girl knows how hot she is even if they ignore it.

However, if God gave me a scenario in which I could choose Upton or the devils lettuce- I’d choose free weed for life. Not a shadow of a doubt. The sticky leaf always will remain young and vibrant. Upton will age. It happens to all of us. Women are like used cars. They depreciate over time. Every once in a while the customer beats the dealership,but more often than not the dealership always wins.


Weed on the other hand….


I’ll write my next piece on Cannabis. I love weed. I’ve sacrificed a lot of my life for the magical plant and will continue to. I think if you have free ganja all of your life then the ladies will come. And if they don’t? Oh well? At least you can smoke a jammer and think about the time you traded Kate Upton for endless ganja!

What would you choose and why?

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– Josh King

Twitter: @joshk65